Master Clinicians

The Council of Master Clinicians was established to honor members of our faculty distinguished by their commitment to clinical medicine and their superb clinical skills. 

For the last 17 years, the UCSF Department of Medicine has honored several of our most esteemed clinical faculty with the title of “Master Clinician.” Master clinicians are distinguished by their commitment to clinical medicine and their superb clinical skills. They are sought out by peers and trainees for their diagnostic reasoning, clinical skills and their desire to acquire and share new knowledge as well as their demonstrated ability to provide compassionate, equitable care to all patients. Essentially, they are the “doctor’s doctor” – someone to whom you would send your own family members. 

2024 Master Clinicians:


master clinicians 2024
2024 Master Clinicians (pictured left to right): Joan Addington-White, Jonathan Davis, Rena Fox, Jeff Kohlwes, Andrew Lai, Marlene Martin, and Eric Widera.


Name Division Year Inducted
Joan Addington-White, MD General Internal Medicine 2024
Jonathan Davis, MD Cardiology 2024
Rena Fox, MD General Internal Medicine 2024
Jeff Kohlwes, MD, MPH General Internal Medicine 2024
Andrew Lai, MD, MPH Hospital Medicine 2024
Marlene Martin, MD Hospital Medicine 2024
Eric Widera, MD Geriatrics 2024
Nirav Bhakta, MD, PhD Pulmonary 2023
Beth Harleman, MD Hospital Medicine 2023
Steve Hays, MD Pulmonary 2023
Leslie Miya, MD General Internal Medicine 2023
Hope Rugo, MD Hematology/Oncology 2023
Rebecca Conant, MD Geriatrics 2022
Miranda Dunlop, MD General Internal Medicine 2022
Donald Grandis, MD Cardiology 2022
Mimi Margaretten, MD Rheumatology 2022
Michael Nejad, MD VAMC Emergency Medicine 2022
Anitha Toke, MD Nephrology 2022
Nicole Appelle, MD General Internal Medicine 2021
Cameron Ashbaugh, MD Infectious Diseases 2021
Soraya Azari, MD General Internal Medicine 2021
Kerry Cho, MD Nephrology 2021
Lianne Gensler, MD Rheumatology 2020
Antonio Gomez, MD Pulmonary 2020
Mary Gray, MD Cardiology 2020
Lowell Lo, MD Nephrology 2020
Judith Wisneski, MD Cardiology 2020
Monica Gandhi, MD, MPH HIV, ID, and Global Medicine 2019
Tracy Minichiello, MD Hematology & Oncology 2019
Don Ng, MD General Internal Medicine 2019
Jeffrey Zimmet, MD, PhD Cardiology 2019
Jennifer Babik, MD, PhD Infectious Diseases 2018
Teresa De Marco, MD Cardiology 2018
Jeffrey Golden, MD Pulmonary 2018
Marion Peters, MD Gastroenterology 2018
Edgar Pierluissi, MD Clinical Medicine 2018
Francis Yao, MD Gastroenterology 2017
Umesh Masharani, MBBS Endocrinology and Metabolism 2017
David Daikh, MD Rheumatology 2017
Helen Kao, MD Geriatrics 2016
Thierry Jahan, MD Hematology & Oncology 2016
Jonathan Graf, MD Rheumatology 2016
Elizabeth (Lisa) Murphy, MD, PhD Endocrinology and Metabolism 2015
Dolores Shoback, MD Metabolism/Endocrinology 2014
Bradley Sharpe, MD Hospital Medicine 2014
Paul Nadler, MD General Internal Medicine 2014
Bradley Lewis, MD Hematology/Oncology 2014
Lisa Winston, MD Infectious Diseases 2013
Jonathan Terdiman, MD Gastroenterology 2013
Daniel Null, MD General Internal Medicine 2013
Gurpreet Dhaliwal, MD Internal Medicine 2013
Joseph Roll, MD Health Sciences 2012
James Brown, MD Pulmonary 2012
Harry Lampiris, MD Infectious Diseases 2011
John Imboden, Jr, MD Rheumatology 2011
Henry "Chip" Chambers, III, MD Infectious Diseases 2011
Margaret Wheeler, MD General Internal Medicine 2010
Jonathan "Jody" Garber, MD General Internal Medicine 2010
Hugo "Quinn" Cheng, MD Hospital Medicine 2010
Kenneth McQuaid, MD Gastroenterology 2009
Harry Hollander, MD Infectious Diseases 2009
Ann Bolger, MD Cardiology 2009
Lawrence Tierney, MD VAMC Medical Service 2008
Ken Sack, MD Rheumatology 2008
Stephen McPhee, MD General Internal Medicine 2008
Nora Goldschlager, MD Cardiology 2008
Lloyd Damon, MD Hematology/Oncology 2008
John Cello, MD Gastroenterology 2008
Kenneth Woeber, MD Endocrinology/Metabolism 2007
Rudolph Rodriguez, MD Nephrology 2007
Richard Jacobs, MD, PhD Infectious Diseases 2007
Ken Fye, MD Rheumatology 2007
Patricia Cornett, MD Hematology/Oncology 2007
Glenn Chertow, MD Nephrology 2007
Kanu Chatterjee, MBBS Cardiology 2007