Residency Diversity Committee

The Department of Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco is committed to training and supporting physicians from a diverse range of backgrounds, including traditionally underrepresented and historically excluded groups, to best meet the needs of the multi-ethnic populations we serve.

Established in 1993, the Department of Medicine’s Residency Diversity Committee (RDC) is an active group of trainees and faculty committed to promoting diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice within our department and across UCSF. Diversity in the department is defined broadly and includes race, culture, religion, mental or physical abilities, age, gender, sexual orientation, and other characteristics. The RDC has been central in the mentorship and support of our resident physicians and in creating more equitable, inclusive, and actively anti-racist practices in medical education and health care. 

Our residents are the heart of our program, and we are proud of the robust resident leadership within the RDC. Throughout the year, our residents run active committees for recruitment, community, well-being, and mentorship. We invite you to learn more about the RDC! 

RDC Subcommittees


RDC Community.

Key Events

  • RDC intern welcome celebration 

  • Black IM residency dinner

  • End of summer BBQ

  • RDC holiday dinner

  • GLIDE fundraiser for persons experiencing homelessness during COVID-19 pandemic


RDC Recruitment.

Key Events 

  • National trainee UIM recruitment information session 
  • Visiting student elective dinners
  • Pre-interview RDC social 
  • Second Look Trivia Night


RDC Mentorship.

Key Events

  • Partnership with fellowship diversity committee 
  • UCSF medical student mentorship for application season 
  • RDC+faculty holiday dinner
  • Anti-Racism Symposium curriculum

From the DEI Chief Residents

The DEI Chief Residents.The DEI Chief Resident role was developed in 2019 as a way to bolster DEI efforts and create an additional layer of support for our trainees. As we have increased the number of residents from underrepresented backgrounds in medicine, it is essential to ensure we are supporting our trainees. The DEI Chief role includes supporting the RDC team, asking invited noon conference speakers to reflect on how race, gender, and equity are represented in their talks, and serving as advocates for trainees when meeting with our faculty.


‘My people are…’ a classic icebreaker when meeting members of the RDC. We all remember hearing these three words on introduction to the RDC as residents. It felt gratifying to share our stories with co-residents and faculty knowing there was belonging and celebration of all aspects of our identities. For me, my people are endearing humans who embrace multiculturalism, who live for late night talks and deepening friendships, and who love to share dinner tables filled with home-cooked food and warm hearts.” 

Ty Johnson, MD on behalf of DEI '23-24 Chief Residents (Sheyla Medina, Marcela Zhou Huang and Ty Johnson) 


From the RDC Chairs

RDC Cochairs

The Residency Diversity Committee has been a vital part of our UCSF training by creating an endearing community of residents from underrepresented and diverse backgrounds, fostering a support system for resident camaraderie and wellness, and providing us with opportunities to give back to the community at UCSF and beyond. As resident co-chairs for this year, we will continue to build and champion this amazing community and are looking forward to meeting the next generation of RDC members!

Faculty Committee Leadership

Sarah Alba-Nguyen.

Sarah Alba-Nguyen, MD, MPH

  • Director, Residency Diversity Committee
  • Assistant Residency Program Director
  • Co-Director, UCSF LCOE SALUD

[email protected]

“My people are…Latinx, LGBTQ, first-gen in medicine; relationship-centered communicators; committed to advancing equity”

Ashley McMullen.

Ashley McMullen, MD

[email protected]

“My people are…Black, Queer, natural hair enthusiasts; writers, story-tellers, and folks all about humanism in medicine; clinician educators and primary care (s)heroes”

Mia Williams

Mia Williams, MD, MS

  • Associate Director, Residency Diversity Committee
  • Curriculum Liaison, School of Medicine Anti-Oppressive Curriculum 

[email protected]

“My people are…Latinx, first-gen in college & medicine, invested in community and listening, love primary care”

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