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Beth Harleman

Announcing the appointment of Beth Harleman as Vice Chief of Medicine at ZSFG, and the launch of a search for new Associate Chair for Faculty Experience

Dear Colleagues: We’re pleased to announce that Beth Harleman, who has served the department in myriad ways, will be applying her talents and passion to a new and crucial role: Vice Chief of the Medical Service at ZSFG, effective July 1. Lisa Winston, the current vice chief, is stepping down to become chief of staff at ZSFG.
June 26, 2020
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DOM 2018-2019 Biennial Report

Dear Colleagues and Friends, Like so many facets of our lives, the plans for the UCSF Department of Medicine biennial report were upended in early 2020 when reports of a novel virus reached our shores. Little did we know then the disruption and hardships that Covid-19 would cause.
May 08, 2020