Residency Well-being Committee

We are a group of residents, chief residents, and faculty who meet regularly to develop and enhance well-being initiatives at the individual and system level for the Internal Medicine residency program.  wellbeing committee

We view well-being holistically as more than the absence of burnout.  We aim to identify and address cultural and organizational contributors to well-being, while supporting individual needs and skill development for self-care, in order to create a thriving residency community.

Upcoming Meetings:

Well-being Committee Meetings

Please join us at our meetings (no longitudinal commitment necessary) or reach out to our members below!

  • All meetings are held in M989 on the second Monday of every month, at 6PM

Our goals include:

  • Developing and raising awareness of residency initiatives that address cultural, organizational, and individual drivers of well-being
  • Identifying opportunities to improve scheduling and clinical rotations to optimize well-being
  • Building peer support networks and community to enhance a culture of well-being in residency
  • Using technology and innovation to bring fun and meaning to our work

Some of our initiatives:




  • Residency Family peer communities
  • Winter Family Photo Competition
  • Peer support training
  • Social media outreach and community-building
  • Intern personal half days
  • Website and app with well-being resources
  • Well-being elective
  • Successful advocacy for increased mental health care resources
  • Skill-building curriculum at core didactics and retreats
  • Protected debriefs during rotations
  • Support groups for interns and residents

*Resources for current residents

Contact Us

Anne Rohlfing (PGY3)
[email protected]
Kendra Moore (PGY3)
Lily Stern (PGY3)
Michael Thomashow (PGY3)
Elizabeth Abbs (PGY2)
Shirin Hemmat (PGY2)
Maggie Gray (PGY2)
Alex Steverson (PGY2)
Anjali Thakkar (PGY2)
Chief Residents
Armond Esmaili
[email protected]
Chloe Ciccariello
[email protected]
Larissa Thomas
[email protected]
Kiran Gupta
Era Kryzhanovskaya
Vanessa Thompson