Residency Well-being Committee

We are a group of residents, chief residents, and faculty who meet regularly to develop and enhance well-being initiatives at the individual and system level for the Internal Medicine residency program, as well as continue to look for ways to improve our current curriculum. wellbeing committee

We view well-being holistically as more than the absence of burnout.  We aim to identify and address cultural and organizational contributors to well-being, while supporting individual needs and skill development for self-care, in order to create a thriving residency community.

Upcoming Meetings:

Well-being Committee Meetings
  • Meetings are held each block on Zoom
  • Periodic in-person retreats for community building, brainstorming and event-planning

Our goals include:

  • Developing and raising awareness of residency initiatives that address cultural, organizational, and individual drivers of well-being
  • Identifying opportunities to improve scheduling and clinical rotations to optimize well-being
  • Building peer support networks and community to enhance a culture of well-being in residency
  • Using technology and innovation to bring fun and meaning to our work

Some of our initiatives:




  • Residency Big-sib Mentorship
  • Bi-annual well-being sponsored event
  • Social media outreach and community-building
  • Peer support group for interns
  • Ticket drops for San Francisco events
  • Mini-grants for resident-organized community-building events 
  • Peer support training and formal peer support program
  • Well-being elective
  • Website and app with well-being resources
  • Successful advocacy for increased mental health care resources

Contact Us

Resident Co-Chairs

Jo Glaser (PGY-3)

Sheyla Medina (PGY-3)

Carolyn Rennels (PGY-3)

Chief Residents
Amy Pugh
[email protected]
Alyssa Perez​​​​​​​
[email protected]