Department of Medicine faculty members published more than 2,491 peer-reviewed articles in 2018-2019.

Global health action

Capacity building, local ownership and implementation of a multi-level HIV/AIDS positive health, dignity, and prevention initiative in Mozambique: approach, challenges and lessons learned.


Authors: Dawson-Rose C, Gutin SA, Hunguana E, Mudender F, Kevany S

International journal of circumpolar health

Recruitment best practices of a cardiovascular risk reduction randomised control trial in rural Alaska Native communities.


Authors: Knox M, Skan J, Benowitz NL, Schnellbaecher M, Prochaska JJ

Medical education online

Rapid transition of a preclinical health systems science and social justice course to remote learning in the time of coronavirus.


Authors: Garg M, Eniasivam A, Satterfield J, Norton B, Austin E, Dohan D

Medical education online

Implementing an established musculoskeletal educational curriculum in a new context: a study of effectiveness and feasibility.


Authors: Pearson M, Barker AM, Battistone MJ, Bent S, Odden K, O'Brien B

The Journal of experimental medicine

A defect in COPI-mediated transport of STING causes immune dysregulation in COPA syndrome.


Authors: Deng Z, Chong Z, Law CS, Mukai K, Ho FO, Martinu T, Backes BJ, Eckalbar WL, Taguchi T, Shum AK

Nature cell biology

Gli1+ mesenchymal stromal cells form a pathological niche to promote airway progenitor metaplasia in the fibrotic lung.


Authors: Cassandras M, Wang C, Kathiriya J, Tsukui T, Matatia P, Matthay M, Wolters P, Molofsky A, Sheppard D, Chapman H, Peng T

The American journal of pathology

Lymphatic proliferation ameliorates pulmonary fibrosis after lung injury.


Authors: Baluk P, Naikawadi RP, Kim S, Rodriguez F, Choi D, Hong YK, Wolters PJ, McDonald DM


Essential Components of an Interstitial Lung Disease Clinic: Results from a Delphi Survey and Patient Focus Group Analysis.


Authors: Graney BA, He C, Marll M, Matson S, Bianchi P, Cosgrove GP, Lee JS

Health services research

A randomized trial of permanent supportive housing for chronically homeless persons with high use of publicly funded services.


Authors: Raven MC, Niedzwiecki MJ, Kushel M

International journal of radiation oncology, biology, physics

Sharing Experiences and Lessons: Medical Issues in Confronting the HIV Epidemic and COVID-19.


Authors: Volberding P