Department of Medicine faculty members published more than 3,300 peer-reviewed articles in 2016-2017.


Reprogramming human T cell function and specificity with non-viral genome targeting.


Authors: Roth TL, Puig-Saus C, Yu R, Shifrut E, Carnevale J, Li PJ, Hiatt J, Saco J, Krystofinski P, Li H, Tobin V, Nguyen DN, Lee MR, Putnam AL, Ferris AL, Chen JW, Schickel JN, Pellerin L, Carmody D, Alkorta-Aranburu G, Del Gaudio D, Matsumoto H, Morell M, Mao Y, Cho M, Quadros RM, Gurumurthy CB, Smith B, Haugwitz M, Hughes SH, Weissman JS, Schumann K, Esensten JH, May AP, Ashworth A, Kupfer GM, Greeley SAW, Bacchetta R, Meffre E, Roncarolo MG, Romberg N, Herold KC, Ribas A, Leonetti MD, Marson A

Clinical journal of the American Society of Nephrology : CJASN

Emotional Impact of Illness and Care on Patients with Advanced Kidney Disease.


Authors: O'Hare AM, Richards C, Szarka J, McFarland LV, Showalter W, Vig EK, Sudore RL, Crowley ST, Trivedi R, Taylor JS

Annals of internal medicine

Marijuana Use, Respiratory Symptoms, and Pulmonary Function: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.


Authors: Ghasemiesfe M, Ravi D, Vali M, Korenstein D, Arjomandi M, Frank J, Austin PC, Keyhani S

AIDS (London, England)

Building on the HIV platform: tackling the challenge of noncommunicable diseases among persons living with HIV.


Authors: El-Sadr WM, Goosby E

Volume 28 of Issue 3 | Gastrointestinal endoscopy clinics of North America

The Role of Endoscopic Hemostasis Therapy in Acute Lower Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage.


Authors: Soetikno R, Ishii N, Kolb JM, Hammad H, Kaltenbach T

Volume 28 of Issue 3 | Gastrointestinal endoscopy clinics of North America

Colonoscopy in Acute Lower Gastrointestinal Bleeding: Diagnosis, Timing, and Bowel Preparation.


Authors: Beck KR, Shergill AK

Volume 108 of Issue 7 | American journal of public health

Marijuana Regulatory Frameworks in Four US States: An Analysis Against a Public Health Standard.


Authors: Barry RA, Glantz SA

Tobacco control

Marketing with tobacco pack onserts: a qualitative analysis of tobacco industry documents.


Authors: Apollonio DE, Glantz SA

PloS one

Interventions to reduce risk for sexually transmitted infections in adolescents: A meta-analysis of trials, 2008-2016.


Authors: Morales A, Espada JP, Orgilés M, Escribano S, Johnson BT, Lightfoot M

American journal of health-system pharmacy : AJHP : official journal of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists

Implementation of patient-centered prescription labeling in a safety-net ambulatory care network.


Authors: Khoong EC, Cherian R, Smith DE, Schillinger D, Wolf MS, Sarkar U