The Department of Medicine has a longstanding commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion and considers it to be integral to fulfilling our mission to develop and support innovators in patient care, scientific discovery, medical education, and public policy. Our best practices in staff and academic diversity have been recognized by UCSF every year since it began honoring such efforts in 1999.

As a public institution, our charge is to develop a workforce that reflects the diversity of the state of California. To better serve the multi-ethnic population of California, the Residency Diversity Committee was established in 1993 to increase the number of trainees whose backgrounds are underrepresented in medicine and to promote an inclusive and supportive  environment for all. We are particularly proud of our Internal Medicine Residency program, which continues to grow in the number of interns from groups underrepresented in medicine. Our fellowships also saw a significant rise in diversity in this year’s match, and our Fellowship Diversity Committee continues to provide opportunities for all fellows across the DOM to build networks, strategize about career choices, and find community. This more diverse pipeline of trainees will become our future faculty and leaders. 

In addition to improving the climate for all, we have made special efforts to diversify our workforce and build a more inclusive culture. We have a committee to enhance staff involvement and growth in the areas of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB). The DEIB committee launched the DEIB-365 Lifelong Learning Program, which encourages all DOM staff to strengthen their knowledge and behaviors to meaningfully advance DEIB and allyship through participation in a series of lectures, workshops, and projects. 

Learn more about our Residency Diversity Committee.

Name Email address Phone Location
Urmimala Sarkar
Associate Chair for Faculty Experience
[email protected] 628-206-4273  
Meshell Johnson
Associate Chair for DEI
[email protected] 415-221-4810
ext. 23267
4150 Clement St.
Sarah Alba-Nguyen
Director of GME Diversity
[email protected] 415-476-7479 533 Parnassus Ave.