Research By the Numbers

In 2018-2019, Department of Medicine investigators received over 231 new peer-reviewed grants and fellowships, as well as a combined total of 279 new subawards, joint personnel agreements, and contracts, for a combined dollar amount of $412.9 million. 





peer-reviewed grants



Of that total, more than $200 million came from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), making the department the nation's first to cross this threshold.

Research Stories

Our research at UCSF is extensive--- from uncovering the riskiest locales for C. difficile transmission to preventing the ravages of chronic kidney disease. 



Our campus at Mission Bay has grown in leaps and bounds (UCSF’s research enterprise at MB is now approximately the same size as the one at Parnassus), but is also surrounded by a number of pharmaceutical, device, and technology companies that seek partnerships with our world-class researchers.

New research facilities are slated to come on line in the next few years at Parnassus, the VA, and ZSFG.