Resident Benefits

Salaries for the 2022-2023 Year

These rates are for 2021-2022, currently under negotiation by the union. Please check back in a few months for updates.

  • PGY1: $64,361.60
  • PGY2: $66,494.88
  • PGY3: $69,107.22

Residents also receive an annual housing allowance of $13,607 ($1,133.92/monthly).


Health and life insurance plans are provided at no cost. Annual paid vacations are provided as follows: PGY I, three weeks; PGY II and PGY III, four weeks. All residents are given 6 days of vacation over the winter holidays. In the 2021-2022 academic year, four weeks of parental leave will be offered.

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adobe pdf iconRead the full policy here: Leave Policy (Last updated 7/1/2020) 

Parenting FAQs

 What is UCSF’s IM residency parental leave policy? 

The residency program is committed to helping you develop a parental leave plan that works best for you. Per Article 15 of the resident union contract: Beginning July 1, 2020, the University shall provide four (4) workweeks of parental leave with pay each academic year to a parent to allow them to bond with a newborn child or child recently placed via adoption, provided the leave takes place within one year of the birth or placement of the child with the resident or fellow. 

Additional time off and payment options exist – including using vacation, sick leave, leave without pay (including FMLA), and/or disability – and can be planned in partnership with the residency program. 

What are my options for childcare? 

UCSF has 4 childcare centers at 3 campuses: Parnassus, Mission Bay, and Laurel Heights (though the centers have temporarily consolidated to Laurel Heights and Mission Bay during shelter-in-place). They provide childcare from 6:30/7:00 am to 6:00 pm for children 2 months - 5 years old. The centers are often fully enrolled, but they have expanded capacity over the last year, and residents have priority in enrollment. The monthly rate is currently $2,114 - 2,730 (higher rate for infants) for full-time care, and part-time is also an option. If you are interested in UCSF childcare, we recommend joining the wait pool as soon as possible (including when you’re pregnant!). Several residents have children enrolled in UCSF childcare and are big fans! 

Eek! What if I don’t get into UCSF childcare or the cost is too high? 

You are not alone! We have an awesome Childcare Referral Specialist, Pauline Lee, who can help you with the process of identifying other childcare options (including licensed centers, licensed family child care homes, after-school programs, summer programs and other related services). You can e-mail her at [email protected]. There is also an online bulletin board of available nannies/sitters/sharecares. 

What if I have school-aged children? How do I get them enrolled in school? 

The San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) allows families to apply to any school in the district (schools are ranked by families, and placements are made based on a lottery system). The regular application season for the upcoming year has passed, so we recommend contacting the SFUSD Education Placement Center ([email protected], 415-241-6085) as early as possible for assistance in applying outside of the regular season. You can also find more information about enrollment here, and this video guides you through the process and has up to date information regarding changes related to Covid-19.

I’m currently or will be pumping - how does that work with my rotations? 

We have your back! We will work with you to create time in your schedule for pumping, regardless of your rotation. Dedicated lactation rooms and refrigerators are available at every site. There are also lactation support services available to the entire UCSF community, and a list of lactation rooms available here. 

Where do I find a pediatrician? 

There are many awesome options. Residents have used UCSF General Pediatrics, Golden Gate Pediatrics, and Noe Valley Pediatrics. If you get care through UCSF, there is an after hours urgent care clinic. 

What support is available to parents in the residency program? 

UCSF Family Services supports the UCSF community at large. Our program also has a parenting group, whose mission is to evaluate and address the needs of trainee parents, and trainees desiring to be parents, through shared events, resources, mentoring, and advocacy to foster professional growth and continued work-life integration. You can connect with that group at [email protected]

Anything I should do sooner than later? 
  • Check out for a treasure trove of information, links, and resources. 
  • If you are pregnant or have children already, and you are interested in signing up for UCSF childcare, join the waitpool.
  • Call or e-mail SFUSD (415-241-6085, [email protected]) as early as possible to discuss enrolling your school-aged child. More information can also be found at the SFUSD website and you can refer to their video about enrollment. 
  • Reach out to our residency scheduler at [email protected] to discuss any scheduling considerations for pregnancy, leave, and parenting in general. 

* San Francisco is currently sheltering in place, so some of the information above may change. Please check listed websites for the most up to date information.

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