Department of Medicine faculty members published more than 3,300 peer-reviewed articles in 2016-2017.

The lancet. HIV

Acquisition of tenofovir-susceptible, emtricitabine-resistant HIV despite high adherence to daily pre-exposure prophylaxis: a case report.


Authors: Cohen SE, Sachdev D, Lee SA, Scheer S, Bacon O, Chen MJ, Okochi H, Anderson PL, Kearney MF, Coffey S, Scott H, Grant RM, Havlir D, Gandhi M

American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine

Associations between Ozone and Fine Particulate Matter and Respiratory Illness Found to Vary between Children and Adults: Implications for U.S. Air Quality Policy.


Authors: English P, Balmes J

AIDS (London, England)

Characterization of the HIV-1 transcription profile after romidepsin administration in ART-suppressed individuals.


Authors: Moron-Lopez S, Kim P, SøGaard OS, Tolstrup M, Wong JK, Yukl SA

Journal of internal medicine

Head trauma in sports - clinical characteristics, epidemiology and biomarkers.


Authors: Zetterberg H, Winblad B, Bernick C, Yaffe K, Majdan M, Johansson G, Newcombe V, Nyberg L, Sharp D, Tenovuo O, Blennow K

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

Integrating host response and unbiased microbe detection for lower respiratory tract infection diagnosis in critically ill adults.


Authors: Langelier C, Kalantar KL, Moazed F, Wilson MR, Crawford ED, Deiss T, Belzer A, Bolourchi S, Caldera S, Fung M, Jauregui A, Malcolm K, Lyden A, Khan L, Vessel K, Quan J, Zinter M, Chiu CY, Chow ED, Wilson J, Miller S, Matthay MA, Pollard KS, Christenson S, Calfee CS, DeRisi JL

Head & neck

Exceptional responses to pertuzumab, trastuzumab, and docetaxel in human epidermal growth factor receptor-2 high expressing salivary duct carcinomas.


Authors: Park JC, Ma TM, Rooper L, Hembrough T, Foss RD, Schmitt NC, Sawhney R, Flanders A, Kang H

Journal of neurovirology

Elevated cerebrospinal fluid Galectin-9 is associated with central nervous system immune activation and poor cognitive performance in older HIV-infected individuals.


Authors: Premeaux TA, D'Antoni ML, Abdel-Mohsen M, Pillai SK, Kallianpur KJ, Nakamoto BK, Agsalda-Garcia M, Shiramizu B, Shikuma CM, Gisslén M, Price RW, Valcour V, Ndhlovu LC

JAMA internal medicine

Preparing Surrogates for Complex Decision Making: The Often Neglected Piece of the Advance Care Planning Equation.


Authors: Sudore RL

American journal of industrial medicine

Impact of California's safe patient handling legislation on musculoskeletal injury prevention among nurses.


Authors: Lee SJ, Lee JH, Harrison R

Journal of Alzheimer's disease : JAD

Systematic Multi-Domain Alzheimer's Risk Reduction Trial (SMARRT): Study Protocol.


Authors: Yaffe K, Barnes DE, Rosenberg D, Dublin S, Kaup AR, Ludman EJ, Vittinghoff E, Peltz CB, Renz AD, Adams KJ, Larson EB