Events on December 06, 2017

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Cardiology - Pathology

Conotruncal malformations 1 (TOF, DORV, common arterial trunk) M-55 + Add to calendar

ID Core Curriculum

Monika Roy: Atypical Bacteria: Nocardia and Friends
David Sears: HIV Primary Care
Jawetz Library (4th floor HSE) + Add to calendar

Resident Diversity Committee Applicant Reception

Social Kitchen & Brewery, 1326 9th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94122, USA + Add to calendar

Cardiology Grand Rounds

Behavior Change & Digital Health Speaker: Kirsten Aschbacher, PhD HSW 302 + Add to calendar

GI Grand Rounds

GI/IBD Cases - Michael Kattah, MD, PhD S-214 + Add to calendar

Geriatrics Works in Progress

Dr. Carolyn Seib VA Medical Center, Building 1, 3rd Floor Conference Room (309B) + Add to calendar

HIV Grand Rounds - Katherine Grieco, DO, Chief of Addiction Medicine, St. Elizabeth's Medical Center, Boston, MA; Clinical Assistant Professor, Tufts University School of Medicine

Dangerous Fantasy or Rising Star? Review of Naltrexone for Opiate, Alcohol and Stimulant Use Disorders CARR Auditorium + Add to calendar

EP Research Conference

A randomized trial in the EP lab grant proposal using PCORI funding- feedback wanted! Speaker(s): Dr. Greg Marcus MUE-420 + Add to calendar