Events on November 07, 2017

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Feeble: The Current Legal Framework for Stopping Sexual Harassment

Elizabeth L. Hillman, PhD, JD, MA, is the President of Mills College in Oakland, and the former provost, academic dean, and chief academic officer at the UC Hastings College of Law.rnDr. Hillman has had a longstanding academic interest in women’s education and expertise in military gender issues which have brought her national and international recognition. She has conducted extensive research on the history of sexual violence in military organizations and culture, authored numerous books, book chapters and journal articles on the subject, and was the principal researcher and author of a comparative study commissioned by the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights on national military responses to sexual assault. She is a director and past president of the National Institute of Military Justice (NIMJ), a non-profit dedicated to promoting fairness in and public understanding of military justice worldwide. ZSFG Carr Auditorium 1001 Potrero Ave., Building 3 San Francisco, CA 94110 + Add to calendar

ZSFG Medicine Grand Rounds

“The times they are a-changin’: Targeted therapies in hematologic malignancies” Rebecca L. Olin, MD, MSCE Carr Auditorium + Add to calendar

The Care of Vulnerable Patients: Partnering to Achieve Health Equity

Substance Use--Addiction Theories, New Treatments, and the Role of Doctoring in Society with Soraya Azari, MD, Diana Coffa, MD & Scott Steiger, MD Medical research over the last two decades has clearly documented that people of lower socioeconomic status and from minority racial and ethnic backgrounds have worse health, worse access to medical care and often receive a lower standard of health care. The poorer health and inferior healthcare received by the underprivileged are pointedly referred to as inequities in health and health care. With this perspective, a person and a community’s health -- and the healthcare they receive -- are measures of social justice.rnrnSan Francisco, long a champion of social change, is leading the charge to improve the health of people who are socially disadvantaged. Through research and innovations in practice, policy and education, faculty at UCSF and Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital (arguably our nation's premier public hospital) are at the head of a movement to ensure that medical care mitigates, not perpetuates, societal injustices. Our course presents an approach to medical care that integrates medical research with a social justice perspective to tackle some of the most critical issues that complicate the care of underserved patients and to re-inspire and re-instill meaning and purpose to the helping professions. 513 Parnassus Avenue, Room N-217 + Add to calendar