Stephanie Cohen, MD

Associate Clin Prof Volunteer

Infectious Diseases

Stephanie Cohen, MD, MPH is the medical director of San Francisco City Clinic, the municipal STD clinic in San Francisco and an assistant professor at UCSF in the division of infectious diseases. She provides HIV primary care at City Clinic and the VA medical center. Her research focuses on using implementation science to guide the translation of STD and HIV prevention research into clinical and public health practice. She is currently a protocol Co-Chair and site Co-Principal Investigator of The Demo Project, an NIH-funded research study assessing the delivery of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) in STD and community health clinics. She is also the site co-PI of the STOP Study, which is evaluating the use of 4th generation HIV Ag/Ab tests and RNA pooling for the detection of acute HIV in high prevalence settings.

Residency, - Internal Medicine, University of California, San Francisco
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