Rachel Rutishauser, MD, PhD

Assistant Adjunct Professor

Experimental Medicine

I am an Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Division of Experimental Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco. My research focuses on understanding the mechanisms that promote the formation of protective immunity to different pathogens at various stages of human development.

Fellowship, 2018 - Infectious Disease, University of California, San Francisco
Residency, 2014 - Internal Medicine, University of California, San Francisco
M.D., 2011 - School of Medicine, Yale University
Ph.D., 2010 - Immunobiology, Yale University
B.A., 2003 - Biology, Harvard University
Honors and Awards
  • CROI New Investigator Scholarship, CROI, 2019
  • CROI New Investigator Scholarship, CROI, 2018
  • HVTN Translational Early Stage Investigator Conference Travel Award, HVTN, 2018
  • HVTN Translational Early Stage Investigator Conference Travel Award, HVTN, 2017
  • CFAR Early Career Award for Excellence in Basic Research, UCSF, 2017
  • AIDS Research Institute Clinical Fellow, UCSF, 2016
  • IDWeek Trainee Travel Award, IDSA, 2015
  • SFGH Department of Medicine Clinical Fellow Award, UCSF, 2015
  • UCSF Infectious Diseases Division Clinical Fellow Award, UCSF, 2015
  • Norma Bailey Berniker Prize, Yale University, 2011
  • The MD/PhD Award, Yale University, 2011
  1. Some Aspects of CD8+ T-Cell Exhaustion Are Associated With Altered T-Cell Mitochondrial Features and ROS Content in HIV Infection.
  2. Rapid development of HIV elite control in a patient with acute infection.
  3. Inconsistent HIV reservoir dynamics and immune responses following anti-PD-1 therapy in cancer patients with HIV infection.
  4. HIV-1 persistence following extremely early initiation of antiretroviral therapy (ART) during acute HIV-1 infection: An observational study.
  5. Limited engraftment of donor microbiome via one-time fecal microbial transplantation in treated HIV-infected individuals.
  6. Early and Delayed Antiretroviral Therapy Results in Comparable Reductions in CD8+ T Cell Exhaustion Marker Expression.
  7. Disseminated Acanthamoeba infection in a heart transplant recipient treated successfully with a miltefosine-containing regimen: Case report and review of the literature.
  8. Antimicrobial Resistance: A Call to Action!
  9. Broad-range PCR for early diagnosis of nosocomial Enterococcus gallinarum meningitis.
  10. Think global, act local: chronic dysuria and sterile pyuria in an Eritrean-American woman.
  11. Differential expression of Ly6C and T-bet distinguish effector and memory Th1 CD4(+) cell properties during viral infection.
  12. Differential localization of effector and memory CD8 T cell subsets in lymphoid organs during acute viral infection.
  13. Generating diversity: transcriptional regulation of effector and memory CD8 T-cell differentiation.
  14. Transcriptional repressor Blimp-1 promotes CD8(+) T cell terminal differentiation and represses the acquisition of central memory T cell properties.
  15. Long-term consequences of agonistic interactions between socially naive juvenile American lobsters (Homarus americanus).