Franklin Huang, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor

Hematology and Oncology, Hematology and Oncology UCSF Health

  1. Prostate Cancer-Specific Mortality Across Gleason Scores in Black vs Nonblack Men.
  2. Towards Greater Inclusion in Cancer Genomics Studies.
  3. The long tail of oncogenic drivers in prostate cancer.
  4. Allele-Specific DNA Methylation and Its Interplay with Repressive Histone Marks at Promoter-Mutant TERT Genes.
  5. Identification of novel prostate cancer drivers using RegNetDriver: a framework for integration of genetic and epigenetic alterations with tissue-specific regulatory network.
  6. Exome Sequencing of African-American Prostate Cancer Reveals Loss-of-Function ERF Mutations.
  7. DMSO Enhances TGF-ß Activity by Recruiting the Type II TGF-ß Receptor From Intracellular Vesicles to the Plasma Membrane.
  8. Awareness, Interest, and Preferences of Primary Care Providers in Using Point-of-Care Cancer Screening Technology.
  9. Ethanol Enhances TGF-ß Activity by Recruiting TGF-ß Receptors From Intracellular Vesicles/Lipid Rafts/Caveolae to Non-Lipid Raft Microdomains.
  10. Launching an Interactive Cancer Projects Map: A Collaborative Approach to Global Cancer Research and Program Development.
  11. Rapid Intraoperative Molecular Characterization of Glioma.
  12. Whole-exome sequencing and clinical interpretation of formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tumor samples to guide precision cancer medicine.
  13. Highly recurrent TERT promoter mutations in human melanoma.
  14. Skeletal muscle hemojuvelin is dispensable for systemic iron homeostasis.
  15. Popsicle panniculitis in a 5-month-old child on systemic prednisolone therapy.
  16. Expansion of the health workforce and the HIV Epidemic.
  17. Modulation of bone morphogenetic protein signaling in vivo regulates systemic iron balance.
  18. Bone morphogenetic protein signaling by hemojuvelin regulates hepcidin expression.
  19. A mouse model of juvenile hemochromatosis.
  20. Identification of a novel mutation (C321X) in HJV.