Meet our New 2019-2020 Chief Residents

We are pleased to introduce our 2019-2020 Chief Medical Residents:

chief residents

First row (pictured left to right)Kathryn Sullivan (ZSFG); Albert Liu (ZSFG); Arielle Klepper(UCSF Health); and Paul Marano (UCSF Health)

Second rowTyler Mains (ZSFG); Sharmin Shekarchian (VA); Kendra Moore (VA); Max Brondfield (VA); and Anne Montgomery (UCSF Health)

Our chief residents serve as critical teachers, mentors, and program leaders. Please join us in welcoming these superb physicians to this crucial role. 

We sincerely thank our outgoing chiefs – Chloe Ciccariello, Armond Esmaili, Matthew Hickey, Laura Huppert, Timothy Judson, Jennifer Olenik, Ashley McMullen, Jessica Valente, and Evan Walker – for their outstanding leadership of the residency program over this past year.

Read their bios here