Jon Rueter appointed as DOM Director of Research Administration and Revenue Management

Dear Colleagues: 

Jon RueterWe are extremely pleased to announce that Jon Rueter has accepted the position of DOM Director of Research Administration and Revenue Management to replace Christine Razler, who took a new role in the UCSF Alpha Stem Cell Clinic a few months ago. In addition to directing DOM activities related to sponsored funding (from financial management and internal controls to building our research financial analyst team), Jon will work closely with Associate Chairs Diane Havlir and David Erle on strategic planning for research. Leveraging his skills in process improvement, Jon’s new role also comes with responsibility in clinical revenue management to help the DOM develop tools and reports to better understand UCSF Health divisions’ revenue drivers and opportunities.

Jon brings a wealth of experience to this position. He has worked at UCSF for 16 years in various capacities in post-award management, finance, and general administration. He served as the Director of Administration for the Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) before joining the DOM as division manager for DGIM at UCSF Health, where he helped the division achieve greater financial stability and team cohesion. Specifically, Jon’s contributions include developing a new physician clinical productivity dashboard for DGIM, helping negotiate a panel-based funds flow with the Health System, and forming a DGIM staff advisory council, among many others. Jon has also served on the MyReports advisory committee, as well as several campus-level space and IT advisory groups.

Jon has graciously agreed to take on this new leadership role while continuing to provide interim coverage for DGIM until a new division manager is hired. Please join us in congratulating Jon and welcoming him to his new role in the DOM!



Maria Novelero and Michael Chen