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LA Times

New coronavirus subvariant Arcturus is now in L.A. Is there reason to worry?

Los Angeles Times |

Peter Chin-Hong spoke to the LA Times about the rise of Covid-19 infections due to the new variant known as Arcturus.


UCSF Infectious Disease Specialist on New COVID Study

NBC Bay Area |

Peter Chin-Hong appeared on NBC Bay Area News sharing insight about a new study that shows Covid-19 can be transmitted from a mother to her baby. 




What to Know About the New XBB.1.16 COVID-19 Variant


Monica Gandhi was quoted in Time Magazine discussing a new Covid-19 variant circulating in India, noting there is not a high rise in hospitalizations. 

Washington Post

Covid experts today: Eating out, masking less, even booking cruises

Washington Post |

Monica Gandhi spoke to the Washington Post revealing how the Covid vaccine has influenced her behavior at this stage in the pandemic. 


If We Knew Then What We Know Now About Covid, What Would We Have Done Differently?

Wall Street Journal |

Bob Wachter was quoted by the Wall Street Journal reflecting on the clear communication and trust that was needed at the start of the pandemic.

abc news

What the 'lab leak' theory report about COVID's origins does and doesn't mean

ABC News |

Peter Chin-Hong spoke to ABC News reacting to the Department of Energy news about the origins of Covid-19, placing more importance on lessons learned and being better prepared to respond to future epidemics and pandemics.

NBC News

Immunity acquired from a Covid infection is as protective as vaccination against severe illness and death, study finds

NBC News |

Bob Wachter was quoted by NBC News commenting on research that shows immunity acquired from a Covid infection provides strong, lasting protection.


Are there places you should still mask in, forever? Three experts weigh in


Monica Gandhi and Bob Wachter spoke to NPR discussing the powerful protection the Covid vaccines offer and when to consider wearing a mask with the current state of the virus. 

The Guardian

‘We still don’t know it’s over’: will Covid surge after US ends emergency?

The Guardian |

Monica Gandhi was quoted by The Guardian expressing her concern about Pfizer and Moderna raising the cost of their Covid vaccines.

ABC News

California Will End Its Covid State of Emergency This Month

ABC News |

Peter Chin-Hong spoke to ABC News commenting on the US plan to test travelers from China for Covid.

New York Times

What the End of the Covid Public Health Emergency Could Mean for You

New York Times |

Peter Chin-Hong was quoted by the New York Times reacting to the Biden administration's decision to end the Covid public emergency.