Benefits of a John F. Murray Distinguished Professorship

A John F. Murray Distinguished Professorship will create a permanent honor for a preeminent physician known over the world for his contributions to academic medicine and the specialty of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine.

Dr. John Murray is an internationally known leader in the field of academic medicine. Across the country and the world, he is recognized as a driving force over the last decades for creating training programs for Pulmonary subspecialty medicine, for leading the top Pulmonary and Critical Care medical journal to excellence, for establishing the standards now accepted for publication, and for creating the textbook that carries his name and is considered by all to be the "gold standard" in Respiratory Medicine. Of all his roles, however, Dr. Murray is perhaps most appreciated as a teacher. He has taught many of the physicians in top academic medicine programs throughout the country, whether in Pulmonary Medicine or in other fields. He continues to teach and he volunteers as an attending physician at SFGH in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), to the acclaim of residents, students, and our faculty. We in Pulmonary Medicine consider ourselves honored to have worked and learned under Dr. Murray and we wish to help create this most appropriate recognition for his outstanding contributions and lifetime of service. Beyond the many awards and honors he has received, a John F. Murray Distinguished Professorship would be the highest and most appropriate award of all.

A John F. Murray Distinguished Professorship will enable us to recruit a top physician to San Francisco General Hospital and support him or her to teach and do research unfettered by the continual need to obtain grant funding.

Teaching is a top priority at SFGH, where more than 1/3 of the students and residents of the University of California, San Francisco is being taught at any one time. However, because teachers are not directly supported by training funds, faculty essentially volunteer their time for teaching. As funding for research and clinical care becomes more limited, faculty members often have to choose between raising funds and teaching. Our division has always set a high standard for medical instruction, in large part because of the dedication and skill of Dr. Murray. Our Pulmonary faculty are ranked at the highest levels by our residents. Several faculty hold university-wide teaching awards and our ICU rotation is consistently voted by medical residents as the best training experience at UCSF. Permanent funding dedicated to teaching will enable us to recruit a top teacher and researcher to maintain and even improve our educational offerings.

A John F. Murray Distinguished Professorship will support one of the premier public hospitals in the country, allowing it to maintain excellence in its training of the next generation of competent, caring, and thoughtful physicians.

San Francisco General Hospital is universally acknowledged as one of the top public hospitals in the country and is recognized nationally for its training, clinical care, and research. When considered on its own separate from the rest of UCSF, SFGH ranks 33rd in NIH funding nation-wide; research funding provides 70% of the operating budget of the department of medicine. All the while, SFGH cares for the underserved population of the city and trains student physicians in advanced, humane, and dignified medical care. Because SFGH cares mainly for the uninsured, clinical funds are scarce to support training activities. A permanent fund to support one faculty member dedicated to teaching and research has a tremendous effect overall, by increasing the resources available for the entire department.

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