The Reza K. Gandjei Program in Medical Ethics

Reza K. Gandjei, MD, MPhil

Gandjei Lecturers

Annually, the Department of Medicine sponsors the Reza Gandjei Memorial Lecture in Medical Ethics by a distinguished visiting professor. These lectures have inspired residents, student, faculty and staff about the important work to be done in resolving difficult dilemmas in clinical medicine, ethics, and public policy.

1999 — Ezekiel Emmanuel, MD
2000 — Timothy Quill, MD
2001 — Troyen A. Brennan, MD, MPH, JD
2002 — Nils Daulaire, MD
2003 — Christine K. Cassel, MD, MACP
2004 — Greg Koski, MD, PhD
2005 — Robert Steinbrook, MD
2006 — James Tulsky, MD
2007 — Jeremy Sugarman, MD, MPH, MA
2008 — Laura Bodin Dunn, MD
2009 — Douglas White, MD
2010 — Stephen Z. Pantilat, MD
2011 — Scott Halpern, MD, PhD, MBE
2012 — Bernard Lo, MD
2013 — John W. Rowe, MD
2014 — Wylie Burke, MD, PhD
2015 — Robert Wachter, MD
2016 — Mary Naylor, PhD, FAAN, RN
2017 — Rita Redberg, MD

Reza Gandjei was devoted to resolving difficult dilemmas in bioethics. He pursued an interdisciplinary education that allowed him to work on the interface of clinical medicine, ethics, and public policy. His years of study in Great Britain and his Iranian heritage endowed him with a keen international perspective, which was exemplified in his work on the world-wide AIDS epidemic. Reza astutely realized the need to take into account each country's culture, history, and medical resources.

Advances in biomedical research have raised new bioethical issues in a world that is increasingly interdependent. Reza's focus on the international aspects of bioethics and on public policies regarding bioethical issues positioned him to be a leader in addressing these issues. His perspective is essential to assuring that medical advances can be utilized worldwide.

In Reza's memory, the Reza Gandjei Program in Bioethics is being established at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF), where Reza carried out his residency training. Establishing a bioethics program in his name at UCSF will allow the UCSF Program in Medical Ethics to pursue the important issues that Reza would have addressed, and train other scholars to carry on his vision.

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