Quality & Safety Journals

The following table provides a suggested (rather than exhaustive) list of potential venues for your quality and safety scholarship. Most specialty journals will also consider, and often encourage, submissions in this arena as quality and safety continues to grow in emphasis.

For additional information or suggestions of venues not listed, please contact Naama Neeman, Administrative Director of Quality and Safety Programs (415) 476-9227; nneeman@medicine.ucsf.edu.

2011 Impact Factor
New England Journal of Medicine 47.05 Special section for Health Policy Reform focusing on: Cost of Health Care; Healthcare Delivery; Health IT; Comparative Effectiveness; Public Health; Quality of Care.
Journal of the American Medical Association 27.75 Topics include: Quality of Care, Quality of Life, Patient Safety/Medical Error, Patient-Physician Communication, Patient Education/Health Literacy.
Annals of Internal Medicine 16.7 Encourage material that is specifically related to improving patient care, avoiding medical errors, and comparative effectiveness research.
Archives of Internal Medicine 11.5 Topics include: Quality of Care, Quality of Life, Patient Safety/Medical Error, Patient-Physician Communication, Patient Education/Health Literacy.
Milbank Quarterly 5.6 Topics addressed include but are not limited to the impact of social factors on health, disease prevention, allocation of healthcare resource, legal and ethical issues in health policy, healthcare management, organization and financing of healthcare.
American Journal of Medicine 5.4 Clinical Effectiveness; focus on one quality control challenge and solutions.
Annals of Family Medicine 5.4 The Annals seeks to identify and address important questions in health and the provision of patient-centered, prioritized, high-quality health care. We welcome clinical, biomedical, social and health services research. The Annals publishes original research, methodology, and theory, as well as essays from reflective clinicians, patients, families, communities, and policymakers. We publish selected systematic reviews that build on current knowledge to advance new theory, methods, or research directions.
Health Affairs 3.8 Narrative Matters section - narrative essays based on firsthand encounters with the healthcare system that explore personal, ethical, and moral issues or delivering or receiving healthcare today; Specific topics for all articles include: Access, Evidence Based Medicine, Information Technology; Quality of Care.
Academic Medicine 3.5 Articles must be relevant to the journal's mission: The article addresses a serious challenge facing the academic medicine community; The article significantly adds to or enhances the existing literature on the subject in question.
Journal of General Internal Medicine 2.8 Topics include: Quality Improvement, Clinical Medicine, Epidemiology, Prevention, Healthcare Delivery, Curriculum Development; Special Topics include; Innovation & Improvement, Health Policy.
Quality of Life Research 2.3 Quality of Life Research is an international, multidisciplinary journal devoted to the rapid communication of original research, theoretical articles and methodological reports related to the field of quality of life, in all the health sciences. The journal also offers editorials, literature, book and software reviews, correspondence and abstracts of conferences.
Medical Decision Making 2.3 Topics include: Optimal strategies for patient care and policy decision making; Understanding individual and group decision-making processes; Outcomes of decisions, their measurement, and valuation; Risk communication, risk attitudes, and judgment; Methods to teach about and improve actual decision; Methods for technology assessment, literature synthesis, comparative effectiveness research and evidence-based decision making.
Health Expectations 2.3 Health Expectations is a quarterly, peer-reviewed journal publishing original research, review articles and critical commentaries. It includes papers, which clarify concepts, develop theories, and critically analyze and evaluate specific policies and practices. The Journal provides a multi-disciplinary and international forum in which researchers from a variety of backgrounds can present their work to other researchers, policy makers, health care professionals, managers and consumer advocates.
Value in Health 2.2 Value in Health is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal reporting on evaluations of medical technologies including pharmaceuticals, biologics, devices, procedures, and other health care interventions. The Journal provides a scientific forum for communicating health economics and outcomes research methods and findings, furthering ISPOR's vision that 'society allocate scarce health care resources wisely, fairly, and efficiently.'
Health Services Research 2.2 Area of specific interest include: Delivery of care (access to and utilization of health care services, cost, cost-effectiveness, quality & outcomes of care, practice variations, technology assessment, healthcare workforce issues); Impact of policy changes; evaluation of national demonstration programs (disease prevention, chronic disease mgmt, community based efforts); Examination of changes in systems of care; Determinants of health outcomes.
Health and Quality of Life Outcomes (online only) 2.1 HRQOL assessment for the evaluation of medical therapies or psychosocial approaches and studies on psychometric properties of HRQOL measures, including cultural validation of instruments; will also consider reviews summarizing the present state of knowledge, concerning a particular aspect of HRQOL.
Health Care Management Review 2.0 Health Care Management Review (HCMR) disseminates state-of-the-art knowledge about management, leadership, and administration of health care systems, organizations, and agencies. Multidisciplinary and international in scope, articles present completed research relevant to health care management, leadership, and administration, as well report on rigorous evaluations of health care management innovations, or provide a synthesis of prior research that results in evidence-based health care management practice recommendations. Articles are theory-driven and translate findings into implications and recommendations for health care administrators, researchers, and faculty. Annually, HCMR publishes the Best Theory to Practice paper chosen by the Health Care Administration Division of the Academy of Management.
International Journal for Quality in Healthcare 2.0 Quality Improvement; Health Services Research; Qualitative and Quantitative studies; Particularly interested in: healthcare evaluation; technology assessment; health economics; utilization review; cost containment; nursing care research; clinical research related to quality.
Postgraduate Medical Journal 1.9 Articles on current practice and new developments in all branches of medicine; Interested in Quality Improvement Reports.
BMC Family Practice 1.8 BMC Family Practice is an open access, peer-reviewed journal that considers articles on all aspects of primary health care, including clinical management of patients, professional training, shared decision making, and the organisation and evaluation of health care in the community.It is journal policy to publish work deemed by peer reviewers to be a coherent and sound addition to scientific knowledge and to put less emphasis on interest levels, provided that the research constitutes a useful contribution to the field.
BMJ Quality and Safety 1.7 International journal; of particular interest: the development and integration of quality and safety initiatives into routine practice; experience of improving practice in all sectors of health care services; influence of management and organizational learning on quality; views of consumers and their role as promoters of improved quality; research relevant to quality and safety.
BMC Health Service Research 1.7 BMC Health Services Research is an Open Access, peer-reviewed journal that considers articles on all aspects of health services research, including delivery of care, management of health services, assessment of healthcare needs, measurement of outcomes, allocation of healthcare resources, evaluation of different health markets and health services organizations, international comparative analysis of health systems, health economics and the impact of health policies and regulations.
American Journal of Medical Quality 1.6 Official journal of the American College of Medical Quality; Publishes original work in the entire field of quality measurement & improvement; needs to have general medical quality interest.
Journal of Family Practice 1.5 Topics should have practical importance to the community family physician; Studies should address clinical questions or healthcare delivery topics in primary care.
Journal of Hospital Medicine 1.4 Topics include: Translational Research; Improving Hospital Care; Professional Development; Leadership; Educating Hospitalists; Clinical Problem Solving; Techniques & Guidelines for Performing Research; Reflections; Patient Commentary.
Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice (online only) 1.2 Particular interest: Evidence based medicine, clinical practice guidelines, clinical decision making, clinical services organization, implementation and delivery, health economic evaluation, health process & outcome measurement; new or improved methods (conceptual and statistical) for systematic inquiry into clinical practice.
Journal of Nursing Care Quality 1.2 Particular interest: Evidence based medicine, clinical practice guidelines, clinical decision making, clinical services organization, implementation and delivery, health economic evaluation, health process & outcome measurement; new or improved methods (conceptual and statistical) for systematic inquiry into clinical practice.
Health Informatics Journal 0.8 Health Informatics Journal provides a peer reviewed international forum for the exchange of practice, innovation and research. Representing the interdisciplinary nature of health informatics, the journal publishes contributions from the fields of informatics and telematics, the health professions, computer science, engineering and management.
Quality in Primary Care 0.5 QI, clinical governance or audit related to primary and prehospital care; particularly research that advances knowledge on these topics and is generalizable to other settings and countries.
Journal of Ambulatory Care Management 0.5 Focuses on concerns of an active ambulatory care manager; variety of subjects that have current or future importance to health care managers; past topics have included: information systems, marketing, legal issues, physician productivity, joint ventures, and AIDS.
Journal for Healthcare Quality 0.3 Seeking articles that support the six aims that will improve 21st century healthcare system; Articles should speak to key dimensions in healthcare functions and address the IOM principles.
International Journal of Healthcare Quality Assurance 0.0 Topics addressed are clinical, managerial, and educational in scope; Particularly interested in: Successful quality improvement projects; Use of quality tools & models in leadership management (Balanced Scorecards, Dashboards, etc); Process Control (Six Sigma, Change Management, Process Mapping); Improving patient care through quality related programs and/or research.
Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Safety N/A* Development, adaptation, and/or implementation of innovative thinking, strategies, and practices in improving quality and safety in health care. Case studies, program or project reports, reports of new methodologies or new applications of methodologies; research studies on the effectiveness of improvement interventions, commentaries on issues and practices are all considered; Full length descriptions of quality and safety programs, methods, strategies, including the rationale, planning, implementation, and evaluation.
Quality Management in Healthcare N/A A peer-reviewed journal that provides a forum for our readers to explore the theoretical, technical, and strategic elements of health care quality management. The journal's primary focus is on organizational structure and processes as these affect the quality of care and patient outcomes.
Educationfor Health; Change in Learning and Practice (Online only) N/A Open access journal focused on education and Health Services Research in communities.
The Journal of Graduate Medical Education N/A Launched in 2009 by ACGME, calling for papers focused on Education, Quality Improvement, and Education Innovation.
Medical Education Online (Online only) N/A Focused on medical education; Open to Quality Improvement Teaching and Innovation.
Healthcare: The Journal of Delivery Science and Innovation N/A Health Care: The Journal of Delivery Science and Innovation is a quarterly journal. The journal promotes cutting edge research on innovation in health care delivery, including improvements in systems, processes, management, and applied information technology.
MGMA Connexion (excellence in medical practice management) N/A MGMA Connexion is the medical practice management profession's leading magazine, providing in-depth coverage of key industry topics and advice for group practice professionals. In addition to printed copies, members can read and search through the magazine online.
Journal of Medical Practice Management N/A The Journal of Medical Practice Management™ focuses on delivering "how-to" advice for delivering high quality care, increasing patients' satisfaction and improving medical practices' profitability. With an emphasis on working smarter and more efficiently, each issue features a host of proven strategies for dealing with fiscal management, marketing, information technology, benefits and compensation, legal and tax issues, office operations, coding, and human resources that practice administrators, practice managers and physicians face on a daily basis.
The Patient Experience Journal N/A The Patient Experience Journal (PXJ) is an international, multidisciplinary, and multi-method journal focused on the research and proven practices around understanding and improving patient experience. The Patient Experience Journal is designed to share ideas and research, and reinforce key concepts that impact the delivery of service, safety and quality and their influence on the experience of patients and families across healthcare settings.
International Journal of Healthcare Information Systems and Informatics (IJHISI) N/A The mission of the International Journal of Healthcare Information Systems and Informatics (IJHISI) is to be a prime source for both academic researchers and practitioners to advance the knowledge and practice in the interdisciplinary areas of healthcare information technology and management research. IJHISI addresses the innovative concepts and critical issues in the emerging field of health information systems and informatics.
The Journal of Healthcare Information Management N/A JHIM is a quarterly, peer-reviewed journal edited specifically for healthcare information and management systems professionals. Each issue of JHIM focuses on a specific topic and contains commentary and in-depth articles.
Journal of Healthcare Leadership N/A The Journal of Healthcare Leadership is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal focusing on leadership for the health professions.

*Impact factor not available