2011 Quality & Safety Symposium

The 2011 symposium featured 24 projects. Please review the formal event booklet. The three award winners were:

  1. "Empowering Hospitalized Patients with Limited English Proficiency to Self-Advocate for Professional Interpreter Services" (PDF)

    Steve Popper shares the lessons learned from their efforts to improve interpreter services

  2. "Keep Me in the Loop! Increasing Communication Between Internal Medicine Residents and Primary Care Providers to Admitted Patients at San Francisco General Hospital" (PDF)

    Mia Lozada discusses efforts to improve communication between the inpatient and outpatient settings

  3. "Transition of Care from Acute Hospitalization to the Patient Centered Medical Home: An Electronic Handoff" (PDF)

    Nick Moy presents an electronic handoff tool developed at our SFVA medical center

Additional Photos from the Quality & Safety Symposium