Primary Care Progress

Primary Care Progress at UCSF is a community of health care professionals and trainees dedicated to revitalizing primary care delivery and education through advocacy, collaboration, and innovation.

The emerging science of ambulatory care delivery is of great interest to a number of UCSF students, residents, and faculty. Our events bring together people with scholarly, educational, advocacy, and operational interests in primary care from across UCSF departments and clinical sites. Our members include a number of leaders from the safety net world as well. It is our goal to build a center of gravity for those interested in revitalizing primary care.

Building expertise in this emerging field is not a simple task. The literature captures only a fraction of the real work taking place on the front lines of care. Many forward thinking organizations engage in process improvement for its own sake, not with an eye toward publication in the literature. We engage leaders in the field to identify the most important and promising innovations.

Primary Care Progress at UCSF:

  • Hosts events with speakers from UCSF and beyond to expand our knowledge and to facilitate exchange of ideas related to revolutionizing primary care practice and delivery.
  • Provides a virtual home and clearinghouse for events and opportunities in primary care innovation. We are helping to build a database of these innovations.
  • Supports "innovation collaboratives" – projects pairing students and residents with innovative physician leaders in the community to solve real-world problems in clinical care. Such projects develop trainee skills in leadership and systems-improvement, research expertise, and writing for dissemination.
  • Promotes innovations in medical education to improve primary care training for medical students and residents.

Our over-arching goal is to inspire. New models of primary care will form the bedrock of a better healthcare system. Equally important – we share a vision of primary care as a sustainable, compelling, and rewarding career for providers.

We meet one evening each month to discuss exciting projects and ideas, build our community, plan events, and put UCSF at the forefront of revitalizing primary care.

For additional information or questions, please contact:

Nat Gleason, MD
Assistant Clinical Professor
Division of General Internal Medicine