Quality & Safety Innovation Challenge

The Department of Medicine launched its first annual Quality and Safety Innovation Challenge (QSIC) in 2010. The QSIC was formed to provide an opportunity for DOM trainees, staff, and faculty to work collaboratively as teams, and design and implement innovative solutions aimed at improving patient care. The goals of the initiative were to engage trainees to participate in and lead Q/S projects, while providing them guidance and mentorship by faculty, including around dissemination and scholarship.

Trainees and faculty interested were asked to form a working group that included at least 1 faculty and 1-3 trainees. Each project team designed and implemented a results oriented improvement project that aligned with one of the following thematic focus areas:

  • Improving care transitions
  • Fostering a patient-centered environment
  • Improving access to clinical services
  • Promoting efficient resource utilization
  • Improving teamwork and communication
  • Improving medication safety

At the completion of the program, 24 teams presented their work and celebrated their achievements at an inaugural Departmental Quality & Safety Symposium in June 2011. The symposium also included an award ceremony.

For additional details about the QSIC, please review the program announcement (PDF), as well as a poster presentation (PDF) of this initiative.

For questions or additional information please contact us.