Program Overview

Our Quality & Safety Program's mission is to provide all patients cared for by DOM faculty, trainees, and staff with high quality, safe, and patient-centered care.

To support our mission, our programmatic goals include:

  1. Develop new structures, processes, and systems that allow the DOM to evaluate and improve the care it provides.
  2. Ensure that our program efforts measurably improve performance and foster a culture of safety.
  3. Cultivate collaborative partnerships between the DOM and our clinical divisions, medical centers, and training programs for quality and safety activities.
  4. Engage trainees (e.g. students, housestaff, and fellows) to learn about, participate in, and lead Q/S activities.
  5. Establish the DOM as an innovator and leader in quality and safety.

"Our Department's strengths are a tradition for innovation, scholarship, and providing outstanding clinical care to diverse patient populations across multiple campuses. Our efforts will focus on these traditions in the context of quality and safety activities. We want to foster greater evaluation of our clinical care to identify opportunities for improvement, increase collaborations across campuses and disciplines, and continue to leverage our outstanding faculty and trainees to learn about and lead this work."

-Niraj Sehgal, MD, MPH
Former Associate Chair for Quality & Safety