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Frontiers of Medicine is the Department of Medicine's newsletter for our friends and supporters. Read about our latest breakthroughs, our outstanding physician-scientists, and ways that you can help support the Department's mission.

Issue 24, Spring 2017

Cover Story, Cancer Immunotherapy - Unleashing the Army Within:

What if the human body possessed a powerful weapon against cancer, honed by millions of years of evolution? That’s the idea behind immunotherapy, one of the most promising new approaches to fighting cancer. Instead of... » Read More

From the ChairThe Changing Face of Cancer Treatment
AlumniDr. Margaret Callahan: ‘We Can Offer Patients Hope’
InnovationHacking Cancer: The Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy
FacultyDr. Lawrence Fong: Transforming Cancer Treatment
FacultyNew Department Chair Profile: Seeing the Big Picture
AppointmentsRecent Appointments
GivingPeter Michael Foundation: Raising a Glass for Research

Issue 23, Fall 2016

Cover Story, Pursuing a Cure — Bending the Arc of the AIDS Epidemic:

July 1, 1981: On Paul Volberding, MD’s first day as chief of oncology at San Francisco General Hospital (now Zuckerberg San Francisco General, ZSFG), he saw a young man with Kaposi’s sarcoma, a rare cancer. "It just... » Read More

From the ChairLeading the AIDS Response
AlumniDr. Julie Gerberding: Grace Under Pressure
Master CliniciansMaster Clinicians: Recognizing Clinical Excellence
In MemoriamIn Memoriam: Richard Havel, MD, and Hibbard “Hib” Williams, MD
FacultyDr. Robert Wachter Named Department Chair
FacultyFaculty Awards

Issue 22, Spring 2016

Cover Story, The Digital Health Revolution:

UCSF has long been a trailblazer in life sciences innovation – for example, faculty members founded Genentech, Chiron, and many other biotechnology companies. Now the UCSF Department of Medicine is poised to lead the... » Read More

From the ChairLeading the Digital Transformation of Medicine
GivingA Legacy of Discovery: Robert L. Kroc
FacultyDr. J. Ben Davoren Technology Ambassador
FacultyDr. Mitchell Lunn: Improving LGBT Health
FacultyDr. Alvin Rajkomar: Teaching Computers to Learn
AlumniDr. Roni Zeiger: Technology + Care
In MemoriamIn Memoriam: Dr. Ephraim P. Engleman

Issue 21, Fall 2015

Cover Story, Geriatric Prisoners: Health Unbound:

Brie Williams, MD, (left) and Cyrus Ahalt, MPP, at the San Francisco County Jail. They conduct novel research and champion public policy innovations to improve health care for older prisoners, who make up a growing... » Read More

From the ChairBreadth of Excellence
FacultyTalmadge E. King, Jr., MD: Dean of School of Medicine
Mater CliniciansMaster Clinician – Solving Puzzles, Big and Small
Division HighlightGoing the Distance Together
FacultyDr. Elise Riley: The Health of Homeless Women
FacultyDr. Margot Kushel: Getting Seniors off the Street
GivingThomas Perkins Distinguished Professorship

Issue 20, Spring 2015

Cover Story, Healing the World: Training Global Health Experts:

Sriram Shamasunder (pronounced “SHREE-ram shah-mah-SOON-der”), MD, DTM&H, and Phuoc Le (pronounced “fook lay”), MD, MPH, DTM&H, met in Haiti in 2010 while volunteering after the devastating earthquake. “We were... » Read More

From the ChairImproving Health Locally – and Globally
FacultyDr. Michael Peterson: Coaching for Excellence
AlumniYou Will Become Well
Patient CareDr. William Grossman: Preventing Heart Disease
Division HighlightCardiology 2020: New Frontiers in Cardiology
Quality & SafetyQI Portfolio Recognizes Excellence

Issue 19, Fall 2014

Cover Story, Prevention is the Best Cure:

"We have to start thinking about moving prevention outside traditional places where doctors work, and into places where our patients feel the most comfortable. Food pantries are a great place to do that...." — Dr.... » Read More

From the ChairPreventing Disease
Master CliniciansMaster Clinicians: Recognizing Clinical Excellence
Quality & SafetyCelebrating Efforts to Improve Patient Care
GivingRecruiting Top Talent for Tough Problems
AlumniDr. Susan Desmond-Hellmann: Bringing Her ‘A-Game’

Issue 18, Spring 2014

Cover Story, Caring for an Aging Population: Innovations in Geriatrics:

About 10,000 Baby Boomers turn 65 every day, and the number of seniors is expected to top 70 million by 2030. To help meet the needs of an aging population, the UCSF Division of Geriatrics is pioneering ways to... » Read More

From the ChairPioneering Models of Better Care
AlumniDr. Erwin Tan Mobilizing Senior Volunteers
EducationRebooting Medical Education
FacultyHonoring Dr. Ephraim Engleman
Patient CarePalliative Care Program: 8 Improving Quality of Life
GivingHellman Foundation In Tune with Patients’ Deepest Values
FacultyDr. Stephen Tomlanovich Broadening the Circle of Care
Quality & SafetyPhilanthropy Powers Innovation
GivingBechtel Foundation: Supporting the Program for the Aging Century

Issue 17, Fall 2013

Cover Story, Health eHeart Study: Using Big Data to Treat Heart Disease:

Heart disease affects one in three Americans, and is the number one killer in the country – claiming more lives than all types of cancer combined. Now the UCSF Division of Cardiology is harnessing the power... » Read More

From the ChairClinical Care: The Heart of Our Work
AlumniAlumni Profile: Ambassador Eric P. Goosby, MD
Quality & SafetyCelebrating & Cultivating Physician-Leaders
Master Clinicians2013-2014 Master Clinicians: Recognizing Clinical Excellence
AppointmentsRecent Appointments & Recognition
GivingAll in the Family: Sharing Information, Saving Lives

Issue 16, Spring 2013

Cover Story, Physician-Scientists: Translating Discoveries to Patients:

Physician-scientists – individuals who devote most of their effort to seeking new knowledge about health and disease through research – play a unique and critical role in translating discoveries into new treatments that... » Read More

From the ChairPhysician-Scientists at UCSF
FacultyDr. Diane Havlir: Beginning to End the AIDS Epidemic
ResearchConnecting the Lab and Clinic: Challenges and Innovations
AlumniAlumni Profile: Dr. Charles Sawyers
Quality & Safety Quality & Safety Corner: Improving Health Care Delivery
GivingStephen J. McPhee, MD - Endowed Chair Created

Issue 15, Fall 2012

Cover Story, Nina Ireland: Transforming Lung Health:

Nina Ireland suffered from emphysema for decades. But with excellent selfcare and the help of her longtime doctor, UCSF pulmonologist Jeffrey Golden, MD, she lived an active life, tending her beautiful gardens and walking... » Read More

From the ChairThe Power of Philanthropy
Masters CliniciansRecognizing Clinical Excellence
Quality & SafetyInnovations in Outpatient Care
AlumniDr. Mark D. Smith
AppointmentsDistinguished Professorships and Endowed Chairs

Issue 14, Spring 2012

Cover Story, UCSF Heart Failure Program: Improving Outcomes:

Heart failure program coordinators Maureen Carroll, RN, CHFN (center), and Eileen Brinker, RN, MSN, with UCSF Medical Center patient Alethea Travis. Carroll and Brinker are part of a new team effort to reduce preventable... » Read More

From the Chair"Choosing Wisely"
Patient CareUCSF Heart Failure Program: Improving Outcomes
Quality & SafetyRaising Cost Awareness
ResearchWhen Less Is More: Balancing Harms, Benefits of Mammography
Patient CareColorectal Cancer: Screening More Patients at Lower Cost
AlumniDr. Steve Harr: Investing in Success
FacultyDr. Yuet Wai Kan: Pioneer in Molecular Genetics
GivingGreat Loss Inspires Search for IPF Cure
Patient CareIdiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Care and Research at UCSF
In MemoriamDr. John D. Baxter

Issue 13, Fall 2011

Cover Story, Writing for Change:

"When you come face to face with patients who have a stroke because they couldn't afford to pay for their blood pressure medicines, it can be very demoralizing," says Alice Chen, MD, MPH, medical director of the... » Read More

From the ChairTraining Exceptional Doctors
Patient CareImproving Clinics and Patient Care
Master CliniciansRecognizing Clinical Excellence
AlumniPatient-Centered Discovery
Quality & SafetyHighlighting Innovation

Issue 12, Spring 2011

Cover Story, PISCES: Better Teaching and Care:

When Chris Krajewski was hospitalized last summer, she met third-year medical student Jenny Cohen, who was on an inpatient rotation. "From the time she introduced herself, I've been really closely in touch with Jenny," says... » Read More

From the ChairLeading Medical Education Reform
Quality & SafetyInnovation Challenge
GivingNina Ireland Bequests $48 Million to UCSF
EducationPathways to Discovery
Volunteer ProfilesClinical Faculty Honor Volunteer Dr. Howard J. Kline
EducationReforming Medical Education
Division HighlightCardiovascular Care and Prevention Center Opens
AlumniSteering the Wheels of Change
GivingDr. James W. Ostroff Named to Rainin Professorship

Issue 11, Fall 2010

Cover Story, The Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education:

Each year, a terrible epidemic kills more than 400,000 Americans: the epidemic is tobacco addiction, and it continues to be the nation's leading preventable cause of death. UCSF's Center for Tobacco Control Research and... » Read More

From the ChairShaping Health and Health Care
ResearchDiscovering Secrets of Autoimmune Disease
AlumniDr. Carol Mangione, Long-Lasting Connections
Division HighlightPersonalizing Medicine
FacultyDr. Maxine Papadakis Receives Hubbard Award
GivingRalph Hewett Fellowship Established

Issue 10, Spring 2010

Cover Story, Shaping Public Policy to Advance Health:

The Department of Medicine brings together a diverse community of innovators. We aim to transform the way that medicine is practiced — through discovering new therapies and technologies, applying these discoveries to... » Read More

From the ChairExpanding Our Mission
GivingRotasa Foundation Supports Center for Vulnerable Populations
Division HighlightRosalind Russell Research Center Celebrates 30th Anniversary
ResearchHelping Patients Breathe Easier
MilestonesNew Hospital Breaks Ground
Master CliniciansRecognizing Clinical Excellence
AlumniDr. J. Gregory Fitz
Division HighlightDGIM Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Issue 9, Fall 2009

Cover Story, Working to Prevent HIV:

Through its combined expertise in the biomedical, behavioral and social sciences, UCSF's Department of Medicine continues to be a global leader in preventing and treating HIV/AIDS, and working towards a cure. The Department... » Read More

Issue 8, Spring 2009

Cover Story, eReferral: Connecting Primary and Specialty Care:

Hal Yee, MD, PhD, chief of gastroenterology at San Francisco General Hospital reviews an eReferral received by the UCSF gastroenterology clinic. According to evaluation research conducted by Margot Kushel, MD, eReferral... » Read More

Issue 7, Fall 2008

Cover Story, First, Do No Harm — Improving Patient Safety:

Until 10 years ago, we were taught in the health professions to believe that errors were manifestations of bad, careless people," says Robert Wachter, MD, chief of the Division of Hospital Medicine. "We now know that most... » Read More

Issue 6, Spring 2008

Cover Story, Planting the Seeds of Discovery — Rheumatoid Arthritis Observational Cohort Study:

Imagine you had a state-of-the-art kitchen, a passion for cooking, and a number of friends you would love to have over. The only holdup to wonderful dinner parties is an unfortunate lack of stores nearby, requiring you to... » Read More

Issue 5, Fall 2007

Cover Story, Jane Koehler — Zoonoses Sleuth:

As a child, Jane Koehler, MD, first wanted to become a veterinarian. She loved animals, particularly the family cat, a Siamese named Winkie. But she developed such terrible allergies to anything with fur – cats, dogs,... » Read More

Issue 4, Spring 2007

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