Events on February 07, 2018

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Echo Didactics

Presenter: Alyssa Browning MD M-1179 + Add to calendar

Cardiology Grand Rounds

Speaker: Kirsten Tolstrup, MD Topic: Use of Echocardiography in Structural Heart Disease Interventions HSW 302 + Add to calendar

EP Research Conference

PVC Cardiomyopathy Study Results Speaker(s): Dr. Walters MUE-420 + Add to calendar

GI Grand Rounds

Kendall Beck, MD

GI/IBD Cases

Assistant Professor

S-214 + Add to calendar

Geriatrics Works in Progress

Dr. Vicky Tang Videoconference Information: To Join via Videoconference:

1. Please click on the following link:

2. Zoom will automatically start.

For Audio or to join only via phone:

1. Please dial 1-877-369-0926 (Toll Free)

2. Enter Meeting ID : 939 849 132 #

3. You will now be connected to the conference.

VA Medical Center, Building 1, 3rd Floor, Room 309B (Geriatrics Conference Room) + Add to calendar

Endocrine Grand Rounds

Eleni Greenwood, MD, Reproductive Endocrinology Fellow Video Conference in Moffitt Hospital #M1296 Title: TBD Parnassus, Moffitt Hospital #M-1296 + Add to calendar

HIV Grand Rounds - Vivek Jain, MD, Associate Professor, Division of HIV, ID, Global Medicine, UCSF/ZSFG

Clinical Case Conference CARR Auditorium + Add to calendar