Events on November 08, 2017

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Echo Didactics

Presentation: Dr. Atif Qasim: 3D Imaging M-1179 + Add to calendar

Cardiology Grand Rounds

AHA Rehearsal Speaker: Fellows HSW-302 + Add to calendar

Geriatrics Works in Progress

Dr. Alex Smith, Sean Lang-Brown, Jayagi Moré VA Medical Center, Building 1, 3rd Floor Conference Room (309B) + Add to calendar

Endocrine Grand Rounds

Robert Rushakoff, MD, "Innovations in inpatient glucose management:  Fixing what you didn’t know was broken" Parnassus, Langley Porter #190 + Add to calendar

HIV Grand Rounds - Peter Hunt, MD, Associate Professor, Division of Experimental Medicine, UCSF/ZSFG

Immune Activation in Treated HIV Infection: Is It Still a Problem? CARR Auditorium + Add to calendar

EP Research Conference

AHA abstract rehersals MUE-420 + Add to calendar

GI Grand Rounds

Liver Program

Jennifer Price, MD and Neil Mehta, MD

8-9 am


Liver Center Seminar

David D. Moore, PhD

Liver Center Seminar


Baylor College of Medicine

9-10 am

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