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Medicine Grand Rounds

Protein Assembly: A 4th Dimension of Gene Expression with Broad Implications for Disease Therapeutics Vishwanath Lingappa*, MD, PhD

Professor Emeritus of Physiology, UCSF

*An understanding of the role of assembly in gene expression and why it has been difficult to decipher previously.

*Examples of diseases for which drug-like assembly modulators appear to be effective in cellular and animal models.

* An overview of the tools used to identify these novel druggable targets and how they make previously unappreciated targets detectable.

*To summarize the challenges and appeal of assembly modulation as a therapeutic strategy.

Vishwanath (Vishu) Lingappa received his B.A. degree from Swarthmore college with High Honors (1975), Ph.D. from Rockefeller University (1979), and M.D. from Cornell University Medical College (1980). After his Internal Medicine residency at UCSF, he joined the faculty in Physiology and Medicine in 1982 conducting basic research in cell biology, teaching physiology, pathophysiology and internal medicine to medical students and residents, practicing outpatient primary care general internal medicine at SFGH, and inpatient medicine ward attending at SFGH and UC Moffitt-Long Hospitals.

He has over 100 peer-reviewed articles and patents, and multiple editions of textbooks in physiology, cell biology, and pathophysiology. He has trained nearly 50 post-doctoral fellows and graduate students. He was a principal co-author of the unsuccessful California ballot initiative for a single-payer health program for California in 1994. In 2004 he retired from UCSF and founded Prosetta where he currently serves as CEO and Chief Technology Officer. Shortly thereafter he ended his clinical practice. He is recipient of a Kaiser Award for Excellence in Teaching (1990), has been elected to the ASCI (1986), AAP (1990), and fellow of AAAS (2004).

*Faculty Relationship Disclosures

Vishwanath Lingappa, MD, PhD, Prosetta Biosciences, Inc – CEO and Chief Technology Officer
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