Election to the Council

Members of the Council of Master Clinicians are chosen annually through a process that includes input from clinically-oriented faculty in the Department of Medicine, other UCSF departments, and referring physicians. Membership in the Council is in five year terms, renewable indefinitely. The limited term is designed to ensure that Master Clinicians retain their skills and continue to demonstrate the attributes required for membership, including an ongoing commitment to clinical care. It is expected that criteria for membership may evolve as the practice of medicine and/or the priorities of the Department of Medicine change and as more reliable and valid criteria to define master clinicians may be created.

Council members are expected to contribute toward maintaining Council functions and satisfying the Department's mission of improving clinical care at UCSF. Ongoing membership in the Council of Master Clinicians is based, in part, on documentation of contributions within the following areas:

  1. Participation in Council's activities (for example, serving on standing and ad hoc committees)
  2. Continuing outstanding personal delivery of clinical care, including a minimum time commitment that may be required
  3. Efforts to improve patterns of care so as to extend individual skills to a broader divisional, practice, medical center, or departmental level
  4. Participation in activities that will assist the Department of Medicine in developing approaches for the identification, training, and preparation of future master clinicians
  5. Participation in the creation and growth of a national and international referral practice for complicated medical patients

To nominate someone (or yourself), please complete the nomination form, and forward it, along with the clinical activity summary page and at least four brief supporting letters, to Amy Bates (amy.bates@ucsf.edu, or Box 0120, or Room M994) no later than March 10, 2017. The process is more fully described on the nomination form. Questions about the process can be addressed to Amy.