VAMC Divisions, Chiefs and Administrators

Please note, the area code for all phone numbers is (415)
Section Chief Administrator Phone Fax
Medical Service Kenneth McQuaid, MD Kimberly Cantero 379-5546 750-6901
Cardiology Cara Pellegrini, MD (Acting) Nelson Sierra 750-2112 750-6950
Emergency Jody Garber, MD Thomas Yu 221-4810 x2205
  Endocrine Admin
  Metabolism Admin
Carl Grunfeld, MD
Fallon Pulmano


Gastroenterology Kenneth McQuaid, MD Melinda Martinez 221-4810 x24407 750-2196
General Internal Medicine Michael Shlipak, MD Christina Gio (Acting) 750-2093 379-5573
Geriatrics Louise Walter, MD Maxine Davis 514-0719 514-0702
Hematology/Oncology Patricia Cornett, MD Victor Corchado 221-4810 x2384 750-6656
Hospital Medicine Lenny Lopez, MD Thomas Yu 221-4810 x2384 750-6656
Infectious Disease Harry Lampiris, MD Victor Corchado 221-4810 x23846 750-6951
Intensive Care Unit Leslie Zimmerman, MD 221-4810 x23705
Occupational Health Paul Blanc, MD Delia Zhou 750-6901
Pulmonary/Critical Care Medicine George Caughey, MD Laurie Wolf 750-2007 387-3568
Nephrology David Lovett, MD Fallon Pulmano 221-4810 x22582 750-6949
Rheumatology David Daikh, MD Melinda Martinez 750-2104 750-6020
SFVAMC Diana Nicoll, MD Enoch-Tizoc Trujillo 221-4810 x22047