Department of Medicine Faculty

Lindsey Criswell, MD, MPH, and Joanne Engel, MD, PhD.
photo by Noah Berger

The Department of Medicine has over 700 faculty members located throughout our San Francisco and Fresno campuses.

We are extremely proud of their achievements. Contributions by the Department of Medicine faculty continue the distinguished tradition of honors and awards.

Find out more about our faculty members' research interests and collaborations by browsing our faculty by specialty and hospital location. Visit Fresno's website for their listings and Listing By Site for Zuckerberg San Francisco General, SF VA Medical Center and UCSF Medical Center.

Faculty Spotlights from Frontiers of Medicine

Dr. William Grossman: Preventing Heart Disease Issue 20, Spring 2015

Forty years ago, cardiologist William Grossman, MD, spent much of his time in the intensive care unit, pulling patients back from the brink of death. He developed close bonds with many of them, and worked with them after... » Read More

Dr. Michael Peterson: Coaching for Excellence Issue 20, Spring 2015

As a resident at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Michael Peterson, MD, remembers pulmonologist Helen Dickie, MD, walking by and quizzing him about chest X-rays she pulled from nearby filing cabinets. "You dropped what... » Read More

Dr. Stephen Tomlanovich Broadening the Circle of Care Issue 18, Spring 2014

The most important thing about building a program is putting things in place that will continue long after you've left," says Stephen Tomlanovich, MD, medical director of the UCSF Kidney Transplant Program. For almost three decades, Tomlanovich has helped improve patient outcomes and access to one of the world's leading transplant ... » Read More

Dr. Diane Havlir: Beginning to End the AIDS Epidemic Issue 16, Spring 2013

Think big, embrace debate, work as a team – these lessons have helped Diane Havlir, MD, become a visionary leader in the HIV/AIDS community. Havlir (pronounced "HAVE-ler”), chief of the HIV/AIDS Division at San Francisco General Hospital (SFGH) since 2002, arrived at UCSF in 1984 as a resident. "As far as we knew, AIDS was a death sentence,” she ... » Read More

Dr. Yuet Wai Kan: Pioneer in Molecular Genetics Issue 14, Spring 2012

"Yuet Wai Kan (pronounced “yoot WHY conn”), MBBS, DSc, a world-renowned leader in hematology and genetics, says his decision to pursue a career in medicine was simple. “My father said, ‘You are going to be a doctor,’ and that was it – honest,” says Kan, now the Louis K. Diamond Professor of Hematology, with a smile. “I was the youngest of 12 ... » Read More

Dr. Maxine Papadakis Receives Hubbard Award Issue 11, Fall 2010

Maxine Papadakis, MD, associate dean for student affairs at the School of Medicine, was selected as the recipient of the 2010 John P. Hubbard Award by the National Board of Medical Examiners. The award is given to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the pursuit of excellence in the field of evaluation in medicine. Papadakis has ... » Read More