Guide to Outpatient Clinic

San Francisco VA Medical Center


Clinic Curriculum

Educational Goals

Clinic Conferences

Core R2/R3 Ambulatory didactic schedule

Evaluations and Feedback



Resident Schedules

Clinic Cancellations

Calling in Sick

Vacation Changes

What if I have no patient scheduled?

Link to Clinic Schedules


Medical Practice Clinic

Nuts and Bolts

Check-in; Visit; Check-out

Charting; Clinic Orders

E & A and Admissions

Tips on Co-managed Patients

Narcotics Precriptions and Contracts

Things to Check Every Clinic

What Are "Actions Required"?

No Show Notes

Retrieving/Scanning Outside Records


MP Clinic Resources

RN follow-up Visits

Clinical Pharmacist Follow-up Visits

Social Work Visits


In-Home Visits

Metal Health Services

Substance Abuse Services




Women's Clinic

Patient Schedules

Routing Slips

Clinical Reminders

Clinic Notes

Clinic Procedures

Mail and Medication Refills

Telephone Calls


Gynecology Clinic Referrals

Women's Mental Health Referrals

Social Service Referrals

Women's Smoking Cessation

Women's Anticoagulation Clinic

Bladder Training

Fee Basis Services


MP Contact Information


Women's clinic contact information


Frequently called VA numbers