Molecular Medicine

The Molecular Medicine Residency is a track within the Categorical Medicine Residency designed for individuals who are interested in a career that emphasizes basic research in combination with the practice of medicine.

The Molecular Medicine Residency provides specialized, individualized attention to each participant’s development as a bench-scientist while maintaining the same broad and intensive exposure to clinical medicine that is enjoyed by all UCSF categorical internal medicine residents. Molecular Medicine Residents receive personal mentoring in selecting their area of research and choosing laboratories that may be of interest to them for training. They also meet monthly as a group for career guidance seminars and for scientific discussions in a relaxed, informal setting and yearly join a dinner designed for multiple discussions with different members of the Department’s College of Bench Scientists.

Inside Molecular Medicine

"Moffitt and the VA are referral centers for large catchment areas. We had a young woman with a rare, life-threatening complication called scleroderma renal crisis – something you usually only read a small textbook paragraph about. Here, we saw it."

Renuka Nayak, MD, PhD
Categorical Track: Molecular Medicine

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Curriculum (occurs during the second year (+/- third year for non-short trackers)


Applicants to the Categorical Residency in internal Medicine who, as medical students demonstrate a commitment to and track record of achievement in basic research are eligible to apply. Such commitment and achievement are usually demonstrated by having completed a successful MD/PhD program or by having pursued at least one year of an intensive research internship during medical school.

Application Logistics

Upon receipt of the electronic Residency Application from ERAS, the Residency Admissions Committee selects applicants for interview at UCSF. Applicants invited for an interview are then asked if they wish to be considered for the Molecular Medicine Residency. A separate selection committee reviews applicants and issues invitations to remain an extra day after the Categorical Residency application day to interview specifically for the Molecular Medicine Residency.

Acceptance into the Molecular Medicine Residency includes a commitment of a fellowship position in a specialty of choice. A Molecular Medicine Residency participant, however, may also choose not to specify a particular specialty and, instead, wait to apply after exploring different opportunities during residency.

For information regarding the molecular medicine track, please contact Vivian Robinson at or 415-476-1528.

School of Medicine's Molecular Medicine Pathway to Discovery

If you would like to learn more about the School of Medicine's Molecular Medicine Pathway to Discovery please visit their website.