Training Program - Education Innovation Project

In July 2007, the UCSF Internal Residency Program was selected by the ACGME and the Residency Review Committee as one of twenty-one elite programs to participate in the Educational Innovation Project (EIP). The EIP challenged programs to develop new resident training models while improving patient care. In exchange, our residency had more flexible program requirements and fewer ACGME regulations to follow (to allow for maximum innovation and creativity).

The UCSF Internal Medicine Residency took advantage of the EIP to experiment with multiple large and small interventions to improve residency training. Below is a list of a few of the interventions which were truly effective and persist today:

  • Pathways – the Pathways/Areas of Distinction allow residents in their R2 and R3 year to individualize their training and focus in a specific area (while continuing to learn clinical medicine). For more information see Areas of Distinction.
  • Focus on Quality and Safety – all UCSF residents will have a solid background in quality and safety by the time they finish the program. Many aspects of this, including the intern Procedures/Quality/Jeopardy rotation, were built as part of the EIP. Click here for more information on UCSF’s Quality and Safety Programs.
  • Curricular Half Day – as part of the EIP we reviewed the delivery of the core curriculum for housestaff and realized that noon conference (while important) were not always the most effective. We now have focused curricular half-days for all trainees, including "Intern Half-day," one half-day per month of didactic time for all interns focused on core topics. These half-days include didactics, small group exercise, and reflection.
  • Practice Partners – as part of exploring ambulatory training within the EIP, we realized that maintaining an active clinic can be difficult while on busy inpatient rotations. We now have a "practice partner" model in our clinics, where all residents are paired with a co-resident to help cover for clinic panels during those busy times. This has been very popular with the housestaff and improved patient care.