Training Program - Career Choices of Recent Graduates

Over the years, UCSF graduates have taken on important leadership roles in the field of medicine on local, national, and international arenas.

Chief Residency88
Primary Care55
or Other
Cardiology (6)Cardiology (8)
Endocrinology (1)
Gastroenterology (6)
Geriatrics (1) Geriatrics (1)
Global Health (1)
Hematology/Oncology (1)Hematology/Oncology (3)
Hospice/Palliative Care (2)Hospice/Palliative (2)
Infectious Disease (6)
Nephrology (2)
Other (2)Other (1)
Pulmonary/Critical Care (1)Pulmonary/Critical Care (4)
Rheumatology (1)Rheumatology (2)

**Computer order-entry development at UCSF, MPH, Consulting, Industry jobs, public health positions

The following percentages represent career decisions of our graduates over the past two years:

  • 52% fellowship
  • 12% primary care practice
  • 22% hospitalists
  • 12% academic
  • 2% other (such as: research, industry, public policy)

With respect to fellowship training, the following is a list of sites UCSF graduates have attended over the last 4-5 years.

Cardiology: UCSF Massachusetts General Hospital, Cedars Sinai, University of Michigan, Duke University, Stanford, Emory, Washington University, Case Western, UT Southwestern, CPMC, UC Davis, Northwestern

Endocrinology: UCSF

Geriatrics: UCSF

GI: UCSF, University of Pennsylvania, University of Chicago, UCSD, Mt. Sinai, Columbia

General Internal Medicine: UCSF

Hem/Onc: UCSF, Stanford, Dana Farber, Memorial Sloan Kettering, University of Washington, MD Anderson, Johns Hopkins, Washington University


ID: UCSF, Brigham and Women's Hospital, University of Washington, Johns Hopkins, UCLA, University of Virginia

Nephrology: UCSF, Brigham and Women's Hospital, University of Washington

Palliative Care: UCSF, Massachusetts General Hospital

Pulmonary & Critical Care: UCSF, Stanford, University of Colorado, Duke, Baylor

Preventive Medicine: Brigham and Women's Hospital

Rheumatology: UCSF