2017-2018 Internal Medicine Interns

On Match Day, the UCSF DOM residency community received the exciting news of our incoming intern class. We have another extraordinarily talented group of people joining us for training and we continue to draw broadly from around the country; in all, 25 different medical schools are represented in the incoming class. We are thrilled that 18 of our own UCSF students will be continuing on with us.

The DOM continues to attract great people to its residency program. This is a tribute to the deep commitment to excellence in research, education, clinical care, and public policy that exists amongst our faculty, staff and current residents. (*Not all interns are listed)


InternMedical School
Adler, Elizabeth Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Ali, Robert University of Washington
Blaisdell, Adam New York University
Crossman, Hayley University of Colorado
DeBolt, Claire University of Virginia
DeJong, Colette UCSF
Demko, John University of Pittsburgh
DesJardin, Jacqueline UCSF
Desai, Yaanik Emory
Dyster, Timothy Columbia
Fitzgerald, Kelly UC Irvine
Fu, Aurelia University of Texas Southwestern
Ha, Nghiem UC Davis
Han, Harry University of Pennsylvania
Hargrave, Anita UCSF
Huang, Brendan Yale
Janssen, Julia UCSF
Jobson, Meghan University of North Carolina
Kasap, Corynn Weill Cornell Medicine
Keyes, Erin University of Washington
Kinet, Maxime Weill Cornell Medicine
Le, Stephenie Albany Medical College
Lee, Eric Yale
Maddali, Manoj Johns Hopkins
Mayfield, Jacob University of New Mexico
McLaughlin, Megan Harvard
Melo, Diana New York University
Muniyappa, Anoop UCSF
Nguyen, Kaylin UCSF
Nguyen, Thuy Trang UCLA
Nicholson, Lowell Duke
Quach, Alekist UCSF
Ricceri, Santo UCSF
Rodriguez, Sebastian University of Pennsylvania
Roostan, Mohammad New York Medical College
Sherwood, Kyla UCLA
Simchoni, Noa Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Stein, Nathan UC San Diego
Steverson, Alexandra Northwestern University
Thakkar, Anjali Harvard
Younger, Noah UCSF



InternMedical School
Abbs, Elizabeth University of Wisconsin
Bepo, Lurit Emory
Goodman, Leah UCSF
Gray, Margaret Vanderbilt
Hunter, Grace Stanford
Nguyen, Saundra University of Texas Southwestern
Thompson, Drew UCSF
Zhang, Neil UCSF



InternMedical School
Bass, Erica Florida International University
Burke, Catherine UCSF
Cimino, Theora UCSF
Dadasovich, Rand UCSF
Feeney, James UCSF
Hemmat, Shirin UCSF
Sanger, Patrick University of Washington
Slomoff, Theodore UCSF
To, Jacqueline University of Colorado
Wong, Theresa UC San Diego