2016-2017 Internal Medicine Interns

On Match Day the UCSF DOM residency community received the exciting news of our incoming intern class. We have another extraordinarily talented group of people joining us for training and we continue to draw broadly from around the country; in all, 31 different medical schools are represented in the incoming class. We are thrilled that 13 of our own UCSF students will be continuing on with us.

We continue to attract such great people is a tribute to the deep commitment to excellence in research, education, clinical care and public policy that exists amongst our faculty, staff and current residents.


InternMedical School
Allen, Nancy Yale
Azcarate, Patrick University of Miami
Brondfield, Max UCSF
Cao, Siyan Columbia
Caughey, Bennett UC San Diego
Collins, Cailin University of Michigan
Davila, Carine Mount Sinai
de Kouchkovsky, Ivan New York University
Dietz, Brett University of Pennsylvania
Dixit, Shalini UCSF
Folick, Andrew Baylor
Gajic, Srdjan University of Minnesota
Gutin, Liat University of Maryland
Harding-Theobald, Emily Dartmouth
Hurley, Michael Stanford
Klepper, Arielle Mount Sinai
Kraft, Cary UCLA / Geffen
Liu, Albert UCLA / Geffen
Liu, Gabrielle University of Chicago
Locke, Cameron University of Texas Southwestern
Malcolm, Katherine Tufts
Malevanchik, Lev Thomas Jefferson University
Maraj, Bharat Dartmouth
Marano, Paul Harvard
Matzko, Michelle Pennsylvania State University
Mohapatra, Alex UCSF
Nunnery, Sara University of Tennessee
Parks, Monica UCSF
Purmal, Colin University of Texas Southwestern
Rohlfing, Anne Duke
Rubio, Luis Yale
Saxena, Kapil Baylor
Shekarchian, Sharmin UCSF
Simpson, Tim Oregon Health & Science
Stern, Lily UCSF
Subramanian, Akshai UC San Diego
Sullivan, Kathryn University of Chicago
Tabbaa, Adam Case Western Reserve
Thomashow, Michael Columbia
Thompson, Cameron University of Nevada
Tobler, Diana Oregon Health & Science
Tsao, Lulu Harvard
Wang, Connie UCSF
Wulczyn, Kendra University of Pennsylvania



InternMedical School
Cartwright, Joe UCSF
Dickman, Samuel Harvard
Gardner, Andrew University of Michigan
Goldberg, Scott University of Chicago
Incze, Michael UC Davis
Landefeld, John UCSF
Mains, Tyler Johns Hopkins
Pardee, Nadine Columbia



InternMedical School
Chu, Janet UCSF
Ko, Jocelyn UCSF
Kornbluth, Lily UCLA / Geffen
Leyde, Sarah University of Washington
Macri, Juliana Johns Hopkins
Min, Kathleen University of Hawaii
Montgomery, Anne UCSF
Moore, Kendra University of Pennsylvania
Ristau, Jessica Boston University
Suen, Leslie UCSF