Sabbatical or Professional Development Leave Expenses

Sponsored Funding

Faculty on sabbatical or professional development leave may utilize their extramural funding to support their salary during the time they are away from the University. If the effort on the project and role does not change during the faculty member's time away, s/he will not normally need to notify the agency but refer to the award's terms and conditions to be certain. Many faculty choose professional development leave to be able to focus on their research, excusing them from clinical and teaching duties. As a result, this justifies all the more salary support from the funds during their time away. However, if the faculty member's effort will go down by more than 25% or s/he will have someone else be the lead on the projects during their time away, then s/he will need to notify the agency.

Housing and Travel Expenses

Travel expenses incurred by faculty members on sabbatical leave are reimbursable if the travel is undertaken to perform study or research that cannot be done elsewhere. At the discretion of the department, a faculty member may be reimbursed for additional lodging expenses incurred at the sabbatical location, less any income received by the individual for renting out his or her primary residence.

Sabbatical travel expenses are not reimbursable if the travel is for a personal, recreational, or educational purpose that has no direct relationship to the individual's area of study.

When submitting the expense reimbursement to Accounts Payable, you will need to attach the approval from the Department Chair for the faculty member's Professional Development Leave, which should include the description of the faculty member's proposed activities and location. In some cases, it is prudent to also include a market value comparison of the faculty member's proposed lodgings to its adjacent areas. The faculty member should also attest to whether their primary residence would be rented out during his/her leave.