IACUC Scientific Merit Review Procedure

The Department of Medicine has instituted a new process for rapid electronic departmental review of applications submitted to the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).

Proposals that have been granted an award statement from an institution such as the NIH, CDC, American Cancer Society,etc. are accepted as having been peer-reviewed for the merits of animal use. Pending grants, those that are funded from departmental sources, and/or funding agencies that are less well known such as industry sponsors and smaller foundations require review by a departmental scientific merit review committee before the proposal may be forwarded to the IACUC for consideration. This procedure also applies when the agency such as the NIH requires IACUC approval before it will issue an award notice. IACUC also now requests an upload of the animal section of the original grant along with the award notice for new applications funded by NIH grants. As a result, new applications funded by an NIH grant where experiments proposed differ significantly from the original NIH application may also require departmental review to expedite IACUC approval.

Effective July 15, 2005, the Department of Medicine has appointed a new Scientific Merit Review Committee (SMRC), comprised of Drs. Dean Sheppard, Eric Brown, David Erle, and Thiennu Vu, that will serve to provide internal review of applications as required by the IACUC. The IACUC has received notification of this official committee. We have also instituted a new process for handling these applications that should allow the review to be done rapidly and entirely electronically. Please complete the required IACUC application form online, which can be found at http://www.iacuc.ucsf.edu/Forms/awForms.asp and and download a preview of this application to your own computer prior to submission of the final form. This can be done using the "documents" tab to the left of the application screen and selecting "generate preview document" and then "click here to view preview document". Also download and fill out (electronically) the top half of the "Scientific Merit Review Form". E-mail the downloaded application preview and the Scientific Merit Review Form to Dr. Dean Sheppard at deans@itsa.ucsf.edu for the Department's SMRC review and approval. Either a signed Scientific Merit Review Form or an explanation for rejection and/or request for additional information will be returned to you by email. Once your application is approved, you can upload the signed form to submit along with your application. Because we recognize the importance to faculty of timely submissions, it is our goal to complete the departmental reveiw of all applications within a few days of receiving them.

Please contact Suzanne Sutton at 502-4896 or at ssutton@medicine.ucsf.edu if you have any questions or need additional information.