Pre-Approval Expenditures

The following categories require pre-approval from the SOM Dean's Office, Office of Resource Stewardship. The Dean's Office requires departmental review before they will agree to provide pre-approval. To do so, the division administrator should e-mail a justification for the expense, the anticipated cost, and the name(s) of the recipient of the service(s) to the Controller who will review, authorize, and forward it to the Dean's Office. Once the Dean's Office approves the request via e-mail, the Controller will forward the e-mail back to the division administrator. The division is to attach the e-mail approval to the request and process, as appropriate.

  • First or business class airfare that is not based on medical reasons and/ or does not involve overnight travel that prohibits an opportunity for normal rest before commencement of working hours.
  • Recruitment dinners for second visits and/ or that includes the spouse