Volunteer Guidelines

The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) is the only campus devoted solely to graduate and professional study in the health sciences, which includes medicine, nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, and graduate studies. One of the goals is to maintain an atmosphere of personal and institutional excellence which respects the rights of our patients. As part of UCSF’s unique mission to advance health worldwide and its dedication to public service, requests are made for outside individuals to shadow or be in rotation with different Clinical groups.

The clinic visitor guide is to help you assess the viability of a request on the following basis:

  1. Wise use of UCSF resources
    • Faculty
    • Staff
  2. Preserving excellent patient care
  3. Appropriate awareness and mitigation of risks
  4. Benefit to the visitor


Definition Time frame Patient contact Access to UCSF systems (APeX, etc.) Qualifications
Shadowing Observing providers in the clinical setting without patient care responsibilities (e.g. Following a team on rounds for one morning) Timeframe for shadowing: 4 - 6 weeks, 8 weeks maximum. Example: once a week for 4 weeks. "no contact (physical or verbal) with patient ok to be in exam room with attending & patient's consent" NO "UCSF id badge Signed HIPAA agreement Signed Confidentiality agreement Has met the vaccination requirements of GME or VSAS Visiting Students Malpractice insurance (minimum of $1,000,000 per occurrence) "
Rotation Structured clinical experiences including direct patient care contact and patient care responsibilities (e.g. visiting sub-internship) YES YES Rotaters must have applied via GME & been approved

Contacts and Sources

  • GME:
    TBH, Manager of Resident and Fellow Affairs
    Graduate Medical Education
    500 Parnassus Avenue, MU 250 E
    415 476 4919

    It is highly recommended to turn in all completed forms 30 days before desired start date.
  • Visiting Scholars:
    APM 430: Visiting Scholars: The proposal is responsive to campus requests to create a new title to accommodate domestic and international visitors who are students enrolled in universities in the United States and abroad, and for academics employed at other institutions visiting the University of California for short-term academic or cultural exchange experiences.
  • HIPAA website

Contacts During the Process

Sue Sheehan
DOM Division Administrator , Education

Kate Shimshock
Manager of Resident and Fellow Affairs
Graduate Medical Education

Stefanie Sheridan
Academic Manager, Service Center B

Victoria Kleemann
Director, Volunteer Services, UCSF Medical Center

Andrew Sinclair, ARM
Auto Program Coordinator & Risk Analyst
UCSF Risk Management and Insurance Services

Bob Gilmore
HR Staff Manager, Service Center A