Productivity: Auto Archiving Emails

In the last few weeks the Chief Information Officer Elazar Harel announced that size of our mail boxes will grow from 2GB to 4GB. This is great news!! I remember when the mailbox size limit was 100mb and people had to constantly track their size. If you went over the limit, you received a message stating you could not send emails until you cleared up your mailbox.

Now that we can have much larger mailbox sizes we should not start neglecting our inboxes. A Tidy mailbox will allow your email program to load faster, eliminates unneeded clutter, and can give you quick access to old emails when you actually need them.

Here are a few steps to auto archive Outlook 2010 for PC’s:

  • With Outlook open, click file and scroll down to options
  • Click Advanced and select AutoArchive Settings
  • All options will be greyed out until you check “Run AutoArchive every”
  • At this point you can completely customize your archive
  • You should not check “Permanently delete old items”
  • This will cause your items selected in this schedule to be deleted and not archive

Outlook 2011 for Mac is a little different because you are creating a rule to archive items. This example would be for 180 day Archive:

  • Launch Outlook 2011, click “Tools” and scroll to “Rules”
  • Select Exchange and the plus sign
  • Then give the rule a name
  • Under the “If” section, set the criterion as “Date Received” “is greater than” “180”
  • Under the “Then” section, set the action as “Move message” “Inbox on My Computer”
  • Selecting “Enabled” and clicking “OK” will start this process

As of right now Apple Mail does not have an auto archive feature. You would have to do this manually by right clicking on the mailbox and clicking the archive feature.

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