DOMMSO Listserv

What's the DOMMSO List?

Division managers and central managers use the DOMMSO mailing list,, to communicate. The DOMMSO list has historically been used to communicate official department policy and news to division managers, but in order to encourage sharing information and best practices among division managers we opened up the list to allow any subscriber to send a message. Also, you can read more about DOM listservs here.

Who Can Join the List?

The list is closed, so requests to join must go through Maria Novelero.

What If I Missed Something?

Archives are available.

For Current Subscribers

First NameLast NameDivisionemail
DebbieAlbuquerqueAcademic Personnel and Human
TonyBarlowEndocrinology/Metabolism, Medical Genetics,
ArleneBoroCentral Administration - Revenue &
MichaelChenCentral Administration -
NormFong Norma.Fong@UCSF.EDU
SuzanneKawahara Suzanne.Kawahara@UCSF.EDU
ElissaKeszlerLung Biology Center,
Ka ManLeung KaMan.Leung@UCSF.EDU
KellyMarston Kelly.Marston@UCSF.EDU
KellyMcNeilGeneral Internal
WayneMetcalf Wayne.Metcalf@UCSF.EDU
KittyO'ConnorPrevention Science (CAPS)
IleneOba Ilene.Oba@UCSF.EDU
LauraePearson laurae.pearson@UCSF.EDU
KatyRauCentral Administration -
ChristineRazlerCentral Administration - Research Administration,
StefanieSheridanAcademic Personnel and Human
IndySinghSan Francisco VA Medical
JaneTaCentral Administration -