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Have you been maximizing UCSF Profiles? Did you know:


Leading Media outlets, including the NYT and BBC use UCSF Profiles for faculty links

Leading media use UCSF Profiles links in news articles about faculty. They also use UCSF Profiles to find experts in a field and research background information faculty members. Click on the images below for examples.


The Department of Medicine and specialty sites automatically gather content from UCSF Profiles

When you make a change at the main UCSF Profiles site, it will automatically propagate to several places (as applicable):

News events are also sent to our webmaster for possible inclusion in the Department of Medicine home page news and highlights section.


Data from UCSF Profiles generates a lot of web traffic

UCSF Profiles generates over 90,000 monthly visits and each faculty profile is viewed an average of 15 times per month. In additon, faculty pages comprise 30-40% of all web traffic to most specialty sites and is one of the top 5 most popular sections of the Department of Medicine site.


Researchers, Funders, and Journalists regularly view faculty profiles

UCSF Profiles analyzed their web traffic to determine how UCSF Profiles was being used. They found:

  1. Researchers use it to find collaborators and identify mentors
  2. Funders use it to research potential grantees
  3. Journalists use it to find potential sources
  4. Development staff use it to match researchers with opportunities
  5. Visiting scholars use it find people to connect with
  6. Reviewers use it to research author background and experience


Additional Resources

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