Meeting Resources

Need to schedule a conference room for an in-person meeting? Louisa Johannessen in the Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center keeps a list of all conference rooms (with contact information) on campus. Download the latest version by visiting The Communicators Group Resources page.

If you would like to schedule the Department of Medicine confrerence rooms M989 A&B, please complete the inquiry form.

Want to attend that meeting, but you don't have time to ride three shuttles to get there, and you don't want to pay for parking. So what are your options?

In Person Meetings

If you need meeting space at Parnassus for six or more people, the Department of Medicine's main conference room, M-989 may be available. Please click here for more information and to reserve the room.

Phone Conferences

Need to hold a quick, informal meeting without sharing your screen or slides? A phone conference is the simplest solution.

Pros Cons
CheapCan't see other participants
All you need is a phoneCan't share information
No technical setupLess interactive


Web Conferences

For quick team meetings or professional webinars from the convenience of your office, a web conference can't be beat. Show presentations, share your desktop, and even record the meeting (audio and video) for later playback.

Pros Cons
Run a meeting from your desktopQuality depends on connection speed
Record audio and video for later playbackMore expensive than a phone call
Share slides and any application on any participant's computerSome technical setup required


Video Conferences

In addition to sharing audio, slides and applications, a video conference allows participants to feel like they're all in the same room with few limitations.

Pros Cons
Share slides and applicationsRequires special hardware or software
Join a meeting from multiple rooms, or even from your computerInfrastructure to make scheduling and creating meetings easy won't be ready until Fall 2011
Get all the context you're missing: body language, mood, etc.Building your own room is expensive
Record audio and video for later playbackNot all rooms can "talk" to each other
Tie into the TeleMedicine infrastructureRequires effort for scheduling, support