Faculty Resources for Leadership Development

UCSF/Coro Faculty Leadership Collaborative

The UCSF/Coro Faculty Leadership Collaborative is a multi-year effort between Coro and the Chancellor's Council on Faculty Life to nurture faculty leadership, professional development, and employee engagement. Professors from across the Schools of Nursing, Medicine, Pharmacy and Dentistry have participated in one of four iterations of the 63-hour program. Meeting once every two weeks over a semester, participants interviewed campus leaders, completed Coro projects, coached one another on workplace challenges, and created a lasting support network.

Read more online at Academic Affairs.

California Health Care Foundation/CHCF Health Care Leadership Program

The California HealthCare Foundation (CHCF) Health Care Leadership Program is a part-time, two-year fellowship that offers clinically trained health care professionals the experiences, competencies, and skills necessary for effective vision and leadership of our health care system.

Fellows attend seminars six times during the two-year program and they participate in ongoing learning activities throughout. Graduates of the program acquire broadened management and sharpened leadership skills, and they gain unique insight into the trends and challenges facing health care leaders in California. Read more online at the Center for the Health Professionals.

Applications are generally available on February 1 and due on May 15 of each year.

UCSF Institute for Physician Leadership Program

The UCSF Institute for Physician Leadership (IPL) Program is a year-long immersive experience that teaches tangible skills to lead and manage change, work with and through others, and execute on project implementation. The program also fosters a network of physician leaders that promotes ongoing collaboration and a sense of community across the healthcare system. Since 2008, more than 140 physicians from 40 different organizations have completed the program and joined the IPL network.

Participants attend four in-person seminars, engage in twice monthly small-group distance learning with a leadership facilitator, receive executive coaching, and complete an organizationally aligned project to apply the new skills and behaviors being learned. Read more about the IPL program on the Center for the Health Professions website.

Applications are generally available on May 15th each year and due in late July.

Harvard School of Public Health/Center for Continuing Professional Education Health Care Executive Education Programs

Offering programs for health care managers through C-Suite executives and from physicians to business leaders, our executive education programs offer knowledge and skill building in the areas critical to organizational success. Participants seeking to build leadership and management capabilities will find our executive education programs are designed to assist with strategic planning while providing new information and techniques for immediate implementation. Harvard faculty present programs in collaboration with other recognized leaders in the field. Read more online at the Harvard School of Public Health.

Geisel Leadership Course at Dartmouth

The material covered in this course is in accordance with the Geisel School of Medicine mission and commitment to create a community of physician and other leaders who exercise the kind of leadership required to tackle our most vexing challenges in health care.

The purpose of the course is to develop a deeper understanding of what is required to be a leader and to build a solid foundation providing you with greater access to exercising leadership effectively. Participants will begin developing mastery of a new “conversational domain” which will provide new opportunity sets for exercising more effective leadership. To learn more about the program, see their website.

Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine (AAIM)/Career Development - The Business Side of Medicine

AAIM will holds an annual Executive Leadership Program in Cambridge, MA. Participate in the program to build leadership and management skills among leaders and key decision-makers within departments of internal medicine.

AAIM also has a variety of material for career enhancement and career advancement for Chairs, Chief Residents, Division Administrators, Division Chiefs and Program Administrators. Read more online and apply (generally due around January 30 each year).