Public Policy

Advancing public policy is a core component of the mission of the Department of Medicine, on a par with teaching, clinical care and research. We work to provide non-partisan scientific data to support public policy that focuses on the fundamental issues of health and healthcare. Department of Medicine faculty members are already leaders in the development of public policy at the local, regional, state, national and international levels. Our influence extends beyond health policy, broadly affecting areas related to the well-being of individuals and entire communities.

During the spring of 2011 the Department of Medicine faculty were surveyed about their work in public policy. They were asked to categorize their effort into three main domains: research in public policy, direct work with policymakers and work with groups that advocate for policy change. Among the more than 200 respondents, over half (corresponding to more than 20% of the Department's total faculty) reported that they are involved in at least one of the three activities. 51, or about 10% of the entire Department's faculty, have published research related to public policy, 67 have worked directly with policymakers and 93 are working with advocacy organizations to promote public policy change.

Department faculty have authored more than 700 peer reviewed articles on public policy.