2020 DOM Star Achievement Awardees

Congratulations to the DOM staff recipients of the UCSF School of Medicine STAR Achievement Awards! These awards recognize staff members' exemplary contributions and demonstrated commitment to the Chancellor’s priorities and UCSF's PRIDE values.

Brooksley Bigart
Executive Analyst, ZSFG Central Administration

Renate FerreiraBrooks is a key member of the UCSF DOM Staff Experience Champions group where she advocates for URM speakers at the UCSF Lunch and Learn Quarterly Spears Series. She has gone above and beyond in assisting faculty and staff experience leaders, arranging programing related to inclusion and equity. She has been dedicated in efforts to supporting frontline faculty, staff, and residents during the COVID-19 response, sourcing and arranging meal donations and deliveries.

Michelle Cai
Quality Improvement Specialist, Division of Hospital Medicine, UCSF Health 

Michelle CaiMichelle is the consummate professional, reliable, and up for any task. Directly supporting numerous faculty members, she is tasked with various quality improvement projects and initiatives, including the Unit-Based Leadership team, the Patient and Family Advisory Council, and the operations of the inpatient Medicine service which cares for approximately 150 patients per day. She also proactively helped with opening a brand-new Respiratory Isolation Unit, which was built to treat patients with COVID-19.

Michael Chang
Operations Manager, Division of Hospital Medicine, UCSF Health

Michael ChangMichael is the Operations Manager for St. Mary’s Hospital Medicine Services. He worked with members of the division and Dignity employees to reorganize the death certificate process, which offloaded work from the registration team, streamlining the process. He has been a productive member of the Service Workflow Optimization Team, which helped identify key areas for improvement during the transfer process from UCSF ED to St. Mary’s, a key component of UCSF’s partnership with St. Mary’s/Dignity.

Renata Ferreira
Associate Director for Value Based Care Data Analytics, Division of General Internal Medicine, ZSFG

Renate FerreiraRenata is the Associate Director of the Value Based Care program for the San Francisco Health Network (SFHN). She oversees every  aspect of the data analytics from construction of the metrics to coding and data visualization. She deserves acknowledgement for her pivotal role in sustaining the PRIME and QIP programs during a challenging time. Renata is always focused and passionate about the work she does.

Adam Foye
Tissue Bank Genomics Operations Manager, Division of Hematology and Oncology, UCSF Health

Adam FoyeAdam leads the clinical sample collection and processing efforts for the Benioff Initiative for Prostate Cancer Research, designed to improve outcomes for patients. He was also instrumental in developing the approaches to optimize biopsies from different sites where prostate cancer can spread, including bone, lymph nodes, liver, etc. He is a dedicated teacher and mentor and has the respect of a large number of scientists and clinicians, all working in the cancer genomics field.

Stuart Gaffney
Science Coordinator, Division of Prevention Science, UCSF Health

stuart gaffneyStuart is the coordinator and driving force for the peer review program, which helps with the success of faculty grant submissions. He also planned and led a three-day Implementation Science introductory course, which focused on the understanding and application of key concepts. In a diverse division, Stuart allows everyone to feel welcomed, supported, respected, and valued.  

Debbie Gilman
Administrative Officer II, Nephrology, UCSF Health

Debbie GilmanDebbie serves as the HR liaison when hiring new employees and is the glue of the division and the “go-to” person in the office who can help or find out who can help. She brings positivity and light every time she comes to work. Debbie’s philosophy is that when your colleague does well and succeeds, we all succeed. Her mentality is contagious and has positively impacted the Division of Nephrology.

Mari Griffin
Internet Programs Coordinator, Division of Pulmonary, ZSFG

Mari GriffinMari has provided exemplary support to the CAPTC’s Family PACT Program, which helps to better suit the professional development needs of 2,000+ family planning providers. Utilizing her skill as a computer programmer and her knowledge of public health, Mari has acted as a bridge between two distinct disciplines to design educational activities for health care professionals. Mari is also incredibly kind and frequently engages in conversations with staff from varying cultures in ways that build connections and engender respect.

Nancy Huynh
Finance Manager, Division of Hospital Medicine, UCSF Health 

Nancy HuynhAs finance manager, Nancy’s role is split between managing the division’s finances and providing post-award financial management to the division’s PIs. She has put in a lot of work preparing the division’s annual budget and expenses with autonomy as resources have been redistributed due to COVID-19. She is also an extraordinary manager and continuously offers feedback and guidance.

Kelly Kiser
Division Analyst, Division of General Internal Medicine, ZSFG

Kelly KiserKelly serves as a Gallup Ambassadors, Staff Experience Champions, Staff Experience Advisory Board Members, and a frequent volunteer co-leading many staff development events and projects. She created the DGIM Wiki Site, a centralized knowledge base that makes it easy to share information within the division with the goal of providing guidance on UCSF processes in an easy to understand, digestible manner. Kelly’s integrity is evident in that she will always do what she commits to and at the highest possible level.

Christine Lam
Administrative Analyst, Division of Hospital Medicine, UCSF Health 

Christine LamChristine is the scheduler for the Division of Hospital Medicine for 100+ faculty and 10+ medical services staff. On top of that, she has immediately stepped up to help staffing and scheduling related to COVID-19, including recruiting providers to work on new services to help with workflows while accommodating existing schedules. She truly shines in the quality of her work, even with the volume, which is beyond comparison.

Brookelle Li
Program Coordinator, Division of Geriatrics

Brookelle has really stepped up to the plate and shown herself to be highly professional, dedicated, and motivated to succeed. She recently inherited the lead role on a large multi-site research study. She also created a live document to standardize the way UCSF and our partner sites handle data entry issues for our baseline survey. Brookelle is one of the nicest, most courteous people and has been an invaluable asset to our team.

Katherine Li
Assistant Division Manager, Division of Hospital Medicine, UCSF Health

Katherine LiKat keeps the division of hospital medicine running smoothly. She also holds a leadership role with Women in Technology, a group with a goal to build women up to achieve their personal career goals in technology as well as serves on a work group for the Tool for Academic Onboarding (TAO). She has completed and is now teaching DOM Clinical Revenue Management Program, a course designed to teach DOM staff members about the clinical finances and budgeting processes in the department and each division.

Jessica Lin
Project Manager, Division of Palliative Medicine, UCSF Health  

Jessica LinJessica is the project manager for large projects focused on screening patients for palliative care needs in the outpatient and inpatient settings and is exceptionally kind and humble, and a delight to work with. She has facilitated transformational partnerships within UCSF and also with health systems and national leaders in palliative care across the country.

Natalia Loaiza
Administrative Officer II, Division of Hospital Medicine, UCSF Health

Natalia LoaizaNatalia holds many different roles such as the Faculty Development Coordinator, Global Health Bootcamp Coordinator, Credentialing Onboarding Specialist, and the Hospitalist Mini-College (HMC) Project Manager. She planned and coordinated a four-day CME course and was reliable, responsible, and professional. In all her roles, she comes to work with a great attitude, motivated, and dedicated to doing her best every day, while creating an environment of equity and inclusion.

Lena Loo
Administrative Officer II, Division of Hospital Medicine, UCSF Health 

Lena LooLena strives to bring her best every day, going above and beyond what is required of her. She is a quick study and learned how to manage the clinical schedule, consisting of Heme-BMT, Koala, and BEAR, in a short amount of time. Lena has also made process improvements by reducing the number of steps taken for prescription refill faxes. She is always sharing knowledge, and tips and tricks with her colleagues. She makes work-life more tranquil and pleasant for everyone.

Adrienne Mathis
Fellowship Coordinator, Division of Palliative Medicine, UCSF Health

Adrienne MathisAdrienne leads the development and management of the faculty recruitment process, creating a seamless and welcoming experience for recruits, while providing an organized and easy-to-follow experience for faculty recruitment committee members. She has the uncommon ability to balance people skills and analytical skills and has helped create an environment where learners, new faculty, and her staff peers can thrive.

Raeni Miller
Research Administration Manager, ZSFG Central Administration

Raeni MillerRaeni helped develop a three-pronged approach for a standardized onboarding process and an effective way to orient new managers with formatted tools and relevant training across the department. She is an exceptional employee who consistently goes above and beyond the scope of her job to the benefit of the department, her staff, and those around her.

Justin Moore
Division Manager, Division of Experimental Medicine, ZSFG

Justin MooreJustin led the effort to address the reorganization of laboratory and administrative space, resulting in a cleaner, clearer, and safer environment for world-class research. He also developed a staff onboarding plan with standard resources for new managers. Justin recently assisted with developing a “clearinghouse” of COVID-19 research, including clinical trials, resources, and publications, which was shared through a webpage that he helped create.

Katie O'Shea
Personnel & Operations Analyst, Division of Cardiology, ZSFG

Katie is the “go-to” person for any administrative tasks or issues. She proposed a new ZSFG Cardiology Communication Model with Three Fundamental Components, which included a centralized digital calendar, weekly faculty meetings, and Epic Go-Live at ZSFG. She is also refining Epic-based work for processing clinical charges for proposals and creating best practices for faculty and staff performance metrics.

Ilona Paredes
Academic Coordinator, DOM Chair's Office

Ilona ParedesIlona is thorough, thoughtful, meticulous, and efficient, producing a number of important products such as the Research Newsletter, which reaches hundreds of people monthly. She has also coordinated several nationwide academic searches to recruit exceptional leaders to UCSF. Constantly looking for ways to improve, she compiled a resource guide, held a workshop, and developed a best practice to standardize the process for all recruitments.

Cynthia Partida
Clinical Research Supervisor, Division of Cardiology, UCSF Health

Cynthia PartidaCynthia is the “go-to” person for Cardiology providers when it comes to clinical research. She has established several initiatives that improved workflow and efficiency while leading a team of over 20 staff. With her knowledge and expertise in clinical trial management, she keeps the division on course and makes everyone feel valued and respected.

Natalie Rivadeneira
Research Data Analyst, Division of General Internal Medicine, ZSFG

Natalie RivaderneiraNatalie is the lead staff of the Safety Promotion Action Research and Knowledge Network (SPARKNet), an innovative collaborative with five publicly funded health systems in California. She developed and fostered relationships with all sites to obtain the data, troubleshoot with data managers to understand and clean the data, ultimately analyzing to generate an unprecedented understanding of safety issues in California’s public health systems. Her persistence and dedication to has enabled this research program to make a state-wide impact on patient safety and health equity.

Sam Santiago
Administrative Coordinator, DOM Chair's Office 

Sam SantiagoSam is involved in almost every project, communication, planning effort, and strategic initiative. Along with screening new candidates, she has streamlined and improved the staff onboarding process, as well as, ensures all new staff are set-up and oriented. Sam also helps manage the DOM PE Portal, housing over 6,500 staff, and is the primary point of contact for all customer service-related questions. She goes above and beyond on every task and always readily makes herself available to help others.

Lila Sheira
Research Analyst III, Division of HIV, Infectious Disease & Global Medicine, ZSFG 

Lila SheiraLila is an indispensable, high performing, and highly valued member of the research staff, focusing on a combination of quantitative data management and analysis, study coordination, qualitative data collection, and grant writing. As a data analyst for multiple global health studies, she performs at the highest levels, displaying keen intelligence, an ability to keep track of highly complex details, and presenting herself with the utmost degree of professionalism.

Caroline Sou
Operations Analyst, Division of Geriatrics

caroline souDuring the pandemic, Caroline helped two faculty develop an electronic survey to capture the effects of loneliness and isolation on older adults during the shelter-in-place order. She also took the lead in developing the COVID-19 GeriNews webpage, which kept everyone up-to-date on how our programs were doing across our multiple sites. She is beloved by faculty, staff, and trainees across our missions in clinical care, teaching research, and community service.

Aaron Tabacco
Staff Experience Specialist, DOM Chair's Office

Aaron tacbaccoAaron champions the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion, highlighted by his involvement in the women’s professional development series and his work in promoting initiatives for underrepresented minority (UIM) faculty. He developed a new Leadership 101 program for faculty who are transitioning into senior management roles. He has also hosted webinars on topics such as Zoom, working effectively from home, and using web applications for increased productivity.

Alyssa Tecklenburg
Space & Strategic Initiatives Project Manager, DOM Chair's Office

Alyssa TecklenburgAlyssa is an integral part of the team and shares her knowledge of process and technology openly and actively with team members. She’s an exemplary leader in all facets and has had success in [email protected], a member-run group that supports networking, professional development and advocacy for women in technology roles at UCSF. She also helped convert all the DOM Grand Rounds meetings to a web format, helping to disseminate COVID-19 focused information across the country.

Crissy Thao
Program Manager, Clinical Informatics and Improvement Research, Division of Hospital Medicine, UCSF Health

Crissy ThaoCrissy is a Project Manager at the Center for Clinical Informatics and Improvement Research (CLIIR), where she is critical to developing and implementing our Center’s communications plan, managing large research projects, and implementing large initiatives across UCSF, including the new campus-wide Digital Collaborative initiative. She has been an invaluable addition to the research center at UCSF. She is always energetic, takes initiative, is incredibly productive, and is an essential part of the team.

Lisa Tran
Director of Communications, DOM Chair's Office

Lisa TranLisa incorporates a diversity of perspectives and moves equity and inclusion forward in all of DOM projects (e.g. newsletters, websites, annual reports, recruitment videos) and manages an evolving portfolio of 70+ websites in our department. Recently, due to the coronavirus pandemic, Lisa has worked late nights and weekends to ensure COVID-19 projects are completed, most notably, with transitioning the in-person DOM Grand Rounds to zoom webinars and disseminating the recorded sessions to SOM YouTube for public viewing.

Sarina Tsoi
Project and Product Manager, DOM Chair's Office

Sarina TsoiSarina has worked on developing the Offer Letter Generating Application (OLGA) that will be used across campus, in close collaboration with HR. She also helped convert all the DOM Grand Rounds meetings to a web format with colleagues, taking on numerous hours to ensure a smooth transition. Sarina has been an indispensable part of making these traditionally, internal events one of the most trusted sources for COVID-19 focused information dissemination in the country.

Gabriela Vanegas
Health Care Navigator, Division of Geriatrics

Working in advanced care planning, Gaby created sustaining tools for healthcare navigators for others to use that will be used for years to come to positively impact patients care. She also helped create the healthcare navigator APeX note template that ensures any patient documentation will end up in the central dashboard for advance care planning found in their medical record. During the COVID-19 crisis, it has been inspiring to see how Gaby has stepped up to ensure our UC Health patients’ wishes are honored.

Rosemary Yau
Administrative Analyst, Division of Hospital Medicine, UCSF Health

Rosemary YauRosemary is a recruitment manager, well-being committee leader, staff engagement ambassador, and executive assistant to the division chief, among other roles. In response to COVID-19, she proactively jumped in to support our staff, fellow, and faculty well-being. She preemptively sought out resources and efforts to help cope with the impact of COVID-19, providing childcare solutions, self-care resources, and ways to keep the division connected through activities like happy hours.

Karen Yuan
Assistant Division Manager, Division of Geriatrics

Karen YuanKaren keeps the Division of Geriatrics running smoothly by being highly professional and leading by example. She is a key force behind several Transformative Partnerships, bridging together the 3 sites at SFVAMC, Parnassus/Laurel Heights, and ZSFG. Karen has been instrumental in navigating the financial and HR processes and requirements governing UCSF, NCIRE, ZSFG and VA funding. She is excellent in what she does and that make working at UCSF a joy.