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Harry Hollander, MD
Program Director

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Welcome to the UCSF Medicine Residency website. UCSF is a special place, where the excitement about great clinical care, education, and scholarly activity is enhanced by deeply held values of health equity and public service.

Through experiences at diverse training sites in San Francisco and beyond, residents in our program are exposed to the broadest possible range of patients and faculty, leading to an incredibly rich clinical experience.

We offer three residency program tracks at our training sites:

  • A Resident's Point of View

    "When I’m an old man, I want my grandkids to live in a world where everyone has access to health care – in which we don’t let millions of people die annually because they were born into poverty. I think that is imminently

    Ari Johnson, MD
    SFGH Primary Care Track

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  • A Resident's Point of View

    "The most extraordinary thing has been my co-residents. Not only are they brilliant and accomplished – many had other careers, earned PhDs or taught in another country – but they are fun people who have become really close and important to me."

    Sarah Schaeffer, MD, MPH
    Categorical Track

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  • A Resident's Point of View

    "Moffitt and the VA are referral centers for large catchment areas. We had a young woman with a rare, life-threatening complication called scleroderma renal crisis – something you usually only read a small textbook paragraph about. Here, we saw it."

    Renuka Nayak, MD, PhD
    Categorical Track: Molecular Medicine

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  • A Resident's Point of View

    "A lot of residency applicants are interested in improving the health care delivery system. Even if you know how to make improvements, implementing those changes turns out to be really hard. UCSF is way out in front on this question."

    Nathanial Gleason, MD
    Health Systems & Leadership Track

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Residency Spotlight

Jenny Cohen and Karen Hauer

Another educational innovation at UCSF is the Pathways to Discovery program, which provides in-depth training that goes beyond the routine practice of medicine to prepare medicine's future leaders and innovators.
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Message from the Chair

"Here at UCSF, you will find a collaborative culture with virtually unlimited opportunities for interdisciplinary education and research as evidenced by our four core training sites, six Areas of Distinction/Pathways to Discovery, three tracks ..." Read more »

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