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Information for Applicants
Online Resources
Medical Students
Scheduling, Feedback, and Evaluations
Reference Articles
JAMA Articles
* Moving from Evidence to Action
* Summarizing the Evidence
* Prognosis
* Diagnostic Tests
* Differential Diagnosis
* The Process of Diagnosis
* Harm
* Therapy
* Therapy and Harm: An Introduction
* Finding the Evidence
* Introduction: The Philosophy of Evidence-Based Medicine
Lancet Articles
* Uses and Abuses of Screening Tests
* Descriptive Studies: What They Can And Cannot Do
* Case-Control Studies: Research in Reverse
* Allocation Concealment in Randomised Trials: Defending Against Deciphering
* An Overview of Clinical Research: The Lay of The Land
* Cohort Studies: Marching Towards Outcomes
* Unequal Group Sizes in Randomised Trials: Guarding Against Guessing
* Blinding in Randomised Trials: Hiding Who Got What
* Sample Size Slippages in Randomised Trials: Exclusions and The Lost and Wayward
* Generation of Allocation Sequences in Randomised Trials: Chance, not Choice
* Bias and Causal Associations in Observational Research

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